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Q: What role did gender play in the organization of west African village life?
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Description of life in a african village?

Be goid

What is the setting of life is sweet at kumansenu?

An African village

What are the 3 kinds of songs used in sub-saharan African village life?

three kinds of songs used in sub-saharan African village life are: - secular songs - ceremonial drums - esoteric

What was the characteristic of life in many African village cultures?

They honored the spirits of their ancestors.

What is life in a village?

very busy life of village

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Village life is typically more traditional and close-knit, with a focus on agriculture and smaller, tight-knit communities. Town life is usually more modern and diverse, with better access to services, amenities, and job opportunities. Towns are usually larger in size and population compared to villages.

Lived a village way of life based on farming?

lived a village way of life basedon farming

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What is mean by village

Essay-life in a village?

Writing an essay on life in a village can be done by researching a particular village and getting information on how it works. Learning the lifestyle, dangers, and physical conditions of life in a village will help with the essay.

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1. Village life is very simple and peieceful but cities life not. 2. In the village life unemployment, poverty, hunger etc but cities life not. 3. In the village life more but now showing becuase it's hide but cities life not. Thanks Techvedic

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