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What role did propaganda play in ww1?

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Propaganda was used to convince people of a country that the war effort was justified and that the country was on the good side.

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What role did Germany play in WW1?

They played as bait

What role did japan play in ww1?

They had a treaty with great Britain

What role did Joseph goebbles play in the Nazi Germany?

he was the minister for propaganda.

Did WW1 planes drop propaganda flyers?


What role does the written word play in animal farm?

Literacy was a vehicle for propaganda

What role did Benito Mussolini play in WW1?

i believe that he wasn't even involved

What role did propaganda play in World War 2?

Propaganda played a key role in WWII in he sense that it had the ability to mobilize a whole nation to fight a war which it would not otherwise have considered to fight.

What role did military technology play in determining how the ww1 was fought?

Coker loves annimals ;)

What role did horses play in ww1?

They Carrying ammunition and food,and they also used for cavalry

Propaganda was important in ww1 because?

It promoted it. The propaganda included bandwagon and testimonials which showed that everyone went to war.

What was the role played by the Propaganda Movement in sowing the seeds of nationalism among the Filipinos?

role of propaganda movements

What role did airplanes play in WW1?

They were first observers, watching the enemy, then later fighters and bombers.

What role does propaganda play in totalitarian regimes?

Answer this question…It convinces citizens that they should support the totalitarian leader.

Who was head of the us propaganda agency during ww1?

george creel

What was the purpose of propaganda during WW1?

propaganda was not limited to WW1, it is used in any conflict whether military or civil. Propaganda is best described as official government communications to the public that are designed to influence opinion. The information may be true or false, but carefully selected for its effect

Were telegraphs used in ww1?

Yes, they were used. However, they did not play a significant role in WWI. Hope that helps!

What role did propaganda play in World War 1?

it was used as a way to get people to buy bonds and get them to join the army

What role did propaganda play in the event known as the Boston massacre?

None, the Boston Massacre is an impromptu mob attack.

Role of propaganda?

The role of propaganda is to seed false information and panic in the enemy. Every country practised this during WWII.

What are types of propaganda were used during ww1?

== == * Newspaper Articles * Political Cartoons

What the effect propaganda have wor wor II?

What did not take place after WW1 that led to WW2

What role would pigeons play in WW1?

Carrier pigeons were sometimes used to send messages back to HQ from the trenches.

What was Canada's role in WW1?

to fight

Bulgaria's role in WW1?

to be neutral

What role did nationalism and imperialism play in ww1?

Nationalism and imperialism directly caused WW1 as nations sought to protect their interests. The war was sparked off by the Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914.