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What role did the native Americans play while founding Georgia?


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the role they played was Thanksgiving!

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Columbus first interactions with the native Americans was friendly. Fighting came to broke out later while he was staying with the native Americans.

No, while many who are Native Americans are, in fact, North Americans, there are very many who are North Americans, but not at all of Native American descent.

The Native Americans founded New York while they were traveling threw the pacific

Pueblo Indians are Native Americans, but other tribes are also Native Americans. Native American is the term for the large group while the smaller groups are known by their tribal names.

Native Americans and Euro-Americans both have the same exact cultural value systems; the clash began when it was proven that the Euro-Americans don't actually follow this system while the Native Americans do.

Overall, the French were much kinder to the Native Americans than the English or Spanish. While the French tried to convert the Native Americans they did not generally force conversion. The French also generally left the Native Americans to themselves as they saw the Native Americans as allies and trade partners for furs.

The Native American Indians had to live at Carmel Mission while the government was trying to contain all of the Native Americans on reservations. The Native Americans at the mission were treated very badly. They were beaten and starved. Many died.

While this question could be construed as racist in intent, literally answered the Native American are in charge of the Native Americans. They are free people living in a free society.

The white settlers felt more superior to the Native Americans and tried to suppress them.

Yes. While some Native Americans that live on Native American soil (Reservations)do not pay state taxes they are required to pay federal taxes.

I think you have us confused with Native Americans. We use incense. Native Americans use sage in purification ceremonies.

how did native americans use theire enviorment to obtain food , clothing, and shelter

The impact of the Pequot War was a vast change in the way of life for the Native Americans. The Native Americans lost their power, while the colonists gained power.

the british sought to displace the native americans while the french treated them more as trading partners.

The native Americans hailed from Asia, while the Spanish people hailed from from South America.

France appeared to be a better partner to Native Americans than the Colonists and the English. The French were trading partners while the Colonists were land grabbers.

Worked diligently for African Americans, Native Americans and Chinese immigrants

The Indian Removal Act forced the Native Americans to move on to reservations, while their children were taken and forced to abandon their religion, culture, and language.

Native Americans 1). Not to screw up the naming from the Indians from India or "Dots" I like to call them while Native Americans are the "feathers" (Two nicknames I came up with on my own!). 2). They are Native to America and are the first known population to live in the land we now call today the USA.

John Smith was captured by Native Americans in 1607 while he was looking for food along the Chickahominy River. He was taken to meet the Chief of the Powhatans at Werowocomoco. As he was to be executed, the Chief's daughter, Pocahontas, pleaded with her father to spare his life.

Certain Native Americans decided to fight alongside the American Colonists while others fought alongside the British and still others chose neutrality. However, Native Americans were not directly involved in the American Revolution and were seen as pawns by the Americans and British alike. The British were generally more approving of Native Americans than the American Colonists, but both saw them as ignorant savages as opposed to legitimate foreign nations.

They died because the europeans carried a disease with them called smallpox, and while they were used to this disease the native americans were not and their immune systems did not know how to fight it.

It has substantially increased it. Before immigration, there were only native americans. Then European immigrants arrived, and the number of people who were not native americans increased a huge amount while the number of native american people significantly decreased.

The Native Americans gave the Europeans new items to keep, and they sent those to Europe, while Europe sent goods to the Americas to give to the Native Americans.

They have lived for a little while because they their wasn't so much shelter for them.

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