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the role they played was Thanksgiving!

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2011-02-03 03:26:19
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Q: What role did the native Americans play while founding Georgia?
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What were Columbus first interactions with the native Americans?

Columbus first interactions with the native Americans was friendly. Fighting came to broke out later while he was staying with the native Americans.

Are native American and north American the same?

No, while many who are Native Americans are, in fact, North Americans, there are very many who are North Americans, but not at all of Native American descent.

Smith is captured by Native Americans while he was what?

he was hungry

Why did the native Americans found New York?

The Native Americans founded New York while they were traveling threw the pacific

What was the initial Clash of Cultures between Native Americans and European Americans?

Native Americans and Euro-Americans both have the same exact cultural value systems; the clash began when it was proven that the Euro-Americans don't actually follow this system while the Native Americans do.

How did the French generally treat the Native Americans they encountered?

Overall, the French were much kinder to the Native Americans than the English or Spanish. While the French tried to convert the Native Americans they did not generally force conversion. The French also generally left the Native Americans to themselves as they saw the Native Americans as allies and trade partners for furs.

What did the Native Americans do at the Carmel Mission?

The Native American Indians had to live at Carmel Mission while the government was trying to contain all of the Native Americans on reservations. The Native Americans at the mission were treated very badly. They were beaten and starved. Many died.

Who is in charge of the Native Americans?

While this question could be construed as racist in intent, literally answered the Native American are in charge of the Native Americans. They are free people living in a free society.

Americans and while settlers?

The white settlers felt more superior to the Native Americans and tried to suppress them.

Do Native Americans pay federal taxes?

Yes. While some Native Americans that live on Native American soil (Reservations)do not pay state taxes they are required to pay federal taxes.

Why did some native americans create permanent villages while others stay nomads?

how did native americans use theire enviorment to obtain food , clothing, and shelter

What is the Catholic prayer used while burning of sage?

I think you have us confused with Native Americans. We use incense. Native Americans use sage in purification ceremonies.

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