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There are six religions in New Hampshire. The six religions are Roman Catholics, Methodists, Baptists, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, and Puritans.


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the New Hampshire religion always helped others

Puritans played a great role. It always helped others.

i dnt know im asking the freakin question gimme answers now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Indentured servants usually did household works in New Hampshire.

How did religion play a crucial role in the lives of New England women

The main religion in colonial New Hampshire was Puritan.

I think the first real religion in New Hampshire is Christianity

The New Hampshire Colony was mainly Puritan.

The Church of England was the first and primary religion. Puritans expelled from the Massachusetts Bay Colony also played a major role.

The New Hampshire Colony practiced stuff that were very religious. And awesome

people from New England did not have freedom of religion so they came to New Hampshire.( they wanted freedom)

It was very important thing that thwey worked together.

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Religion: Christianity, specifically Protestant. Denomination: unknown.

New Hampshire New Hampshire New HampshireNew Hampshire New Hampshire New HampshireNew Hampshire

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I'm pretty sure New Hampshire never had an official religion, especially before 1623.

it affected it by puritans and stuff like that.

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