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Q: What role did warfare play in Aztec society in history?
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What role did government play in the Aztec society?

They picked their noses!

What role did war play in the Aztec Empire?

most important thing about the Aztecs warfare was to take use the people they defeated as sacrifices

Why was warfare so frequent in feudal society?

Warfare is frequent in all human societies past and present. We never have learned to play nicely together.

What role did human sacrifice play in Aztec society?

Human sacrifice played a significant role in the Aztec culture. It was believed that life itself sprung from dead bodies, because their world was believed to be created by the sacrifice of the gods.

What did Aztec boys play with?


What are all the games that the Aztec would to play?

Playing PatolliThe Aztec ball game

How did an Aztec religious believe play a role in the Spaniards conquest of the Aztecs?

The Spaniards used the Aztec religious practices as a means to justify their conquest by portraying it as a mission to convert the Aztecs to Christianity. They targeted the Aztec temples and religious leaders, disrupting the spiritual and political structure of the civilization. The Spaniards also exploited internal divisions within the Aztec society that were often tied to religious beliefs.

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What role did the war play in the growth of the Aztec Empire?

it let the Aztec soldiers take over people