Evaporation and Condensation

What role do evaporation have in water cycle?


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This is the transformation of liquid water in gaseous water.

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Evaporation and condensation are very important steps in earth water cycle.

Solar energy results in the evaporation of water. It plays a major role in water cycle.

Oceans play an important role. They are the source of evaporation.

No, Evaporation is a step in the water cycle.

Air temperature determines the rate of evaporation. Hence, it affects water cycle.

Evaporation is the changing of liquid water to water vapor.Condensation is when air cools and water vapor turns into liquid.

Yes water cycle depends on evaporation. It is the first step of water cycle.

They are processes of water transport; the role of sublimation is minimal.

The water cycle is: evaporation--------condenstaion---------precipitation.

Evaporation can be considered as the first step in the water cycle.

Plants play an important role. They transpire and helps in evaporation of water.

Transpiration has an important role in the process of water cycle. The water cycle will continue with the process of evaporation only.

Evaporation impacts the water cycle by changing liquid water into water vapor.

Only evaporation and precipitation are steps in the water cycle.

Condensation follows evaporation in the hydrologic cycle, then water storage in the atmosphere.

because, if evaporation did not occur then the water cycle would cease to be thus ridding the world of rain and everyone would have a limited amount of water. Furthermore, this water would be unclean as the water cycle purifies water!

unlike evaporation which is part of the water cycle; plants draw water from below the evaporation zone; water that is tightly held by clay particles is drawn up by the plants in the transpiration stream and diffused into the atmosphere.

the sun shines at the water , not letting the water to freeze, but also "plays " in the process of evaporation.

The water cycle starts with evaporation.

you use evaporation in the water cycle to keep to keep the water cycle going and never flood or loose our water.

Rivers play an important role. Thees water bodies help in evaporation and later collection of rain water.

There are three steps in the Water Cycle, Evaporation, Condensation, and Precipitation. Evaporation is PART of the water cycle and that's the relationship between the two. Hope I helped!! I'm not exactly Einstein!!

Evaporation is followed by condensation.

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