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Plants provide the pollen that attracts insects. These insects move from plant to plant dropping seeds, which helps flowers grow everywhere.

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Q: What role do plants have in spreading seeds?
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Related questions

What are some needs of the plants that animals can provide?

Spreading the seeds for the next generation of plants.

Animals also help plants by spreading what far away from the parent plants?


When is the dispersal of seeds not beneficial?

It can be detrimental if the plant spreading the seeds is diseased or if its parasitic (damages plants around it to survive).

How do strawberry plants reproduce sexually?

By spreading the seeds from the strawberry, which plant and grow

How do things like dandelions and orchids reproduce?

By spreading their seeds. Their plants retard.

Is animalia the only kingdom with a reproductive system?

no plants reproduce by spreading seeds

What is a bufflehead's importance to the ecosystem?

The main role of a bufflehead's duties to the ecosystem is the spreading of seeds. They will compete with squirrels and other animals to get these seeds.

When seeds are spread it is called seed?

Spreading of seeds on the ground is known as sowing. And spreading of seeds by wind is known dispersal.

Why do some flowering plants produce their seeds wrapped in a tasty fruit?

This is so foraging animals will eat the fruit & seeds & excrete the seeds elsewhere, natures way of spreading the genus population

When seeds are spread it's called seed?

Spreading of seeds on the ground is known as sowing. And spreading of seeds by wind is known dispersal.

What do we call the spreading out of seeds from the original plant?

The spreading out of seeds from the original plant is called dispersal.

What is being done to help the grasslands?

Poepoe are taking the seeds from plants and spreading them around so we can avoid another Dust Bowl.

How are bees important to the environment?

Bees make honey for us and help plants by spreading pollen to the flowers so that the seeds can grow

What is the role of seeds in plants?

Seeds are the part of the plant that allow them to survive. They contain the genetic information of the plant. They require the seeds for reproduction and are an evolution since primitive plants, since they are a very effective medium, reliable, adaptable and strong.

What is the role in the ecosystem for the giant panda?

One of the main roles of the Giant Panda in the ecosystem is its role in spreading bamboo seeds facilitating greater growth of bamboo and providing a stable food source for other panda.

How do weeds grow without planting them?

Weeds are spread in two ways: by windblown seeds and by spreading roots and runners. In some cases, seeds of weeds and other plants are unintentionally carried by animals or people.

Why are bats here?

About 70% of Bats are Insectivors eating enourmous amounts of insects nightly. Bats are present throughout most of the world and perform vital ecological roles such as pollinating plants and spreading seeds. Many tropical plants depend entirely on Bats for the distribution of their seeds.

What do you call the spreading of seeds from the original plant?

The spreading of seed is referenced as shattering in grasses but dispersing is a general term for the spreading of seed. There are thousands of ways that seeds are dispersed by different species.

What do you call the spreading of seeds from the parent plant?

dispersion of seeds

What do we call spreading out of seeds from the original plant?

Dispersal of seeds.

What is the importance of animals to plants?

There are a huge number of things that make animals important to plants. Just to name a couple. Pollination. Spreading seeds. Removing competitors. Various forms of cultivation. Provide fertilizer.

The primary purpose of the fruit is?

Plants have evolved fruit to better spread seeds. The fruit is a tremendous waste of energy to produce, only to be eaten by predators/scavengers. The current line of thought is that animals eat the fruit and seeds, wander away, and poop the seeds out (with fertilizer!) spreading the seeds over a great distance

Why do trees produce pine cones?

Pinecones have seeds in them. Its their way of spreading seeds

What would happen to the spider monkeys ecosystem if they vanished?

The predators would have to find new animals to eat, and there might not be as many of those carnivores, but otherwise the ecosystem would continue as it had before. There is some evidence that the monkeys are involved in spreading the seeds of the plants they eat, but the extent of this role is difficult to determine.

What do you call spreading out of seeds from the parent plant?

Different plants undergo different sorts of seed dispersal. The two forms of seed dispersal are known as autochory, or the use of simple gravity to spread the seeds, and allochory, the use of things like water, wind, or animals to spread the seeds farther.