What role does Zeus play in The Odyssey?

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In the odyssey, Zeus helps Athena convince Calypso to let Odysseus go.
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What did Zeus have to do with The Odyssey?

\nto answer this question, see the recently published book by J. Marks entitled "Zeus in the Odyssey" (Harvard University Press/Center For Hellenic Studies, 2008)

What did Zeus do in The Odyssey?

Zeus is the God of all gods and men. He mediates the arguments ofthe gods on Mt. Olympus. He also occasionally portrayed as weighingmenÕs fate in his roles.

What role do the gods play in The Odyssey?

The gods, are pretty much, the fate holders. Gods are known to be arrogant, so it is always best to remain in their favor. Odysseus, in the first part of the Odyssey, upsets P

What role did Artemis play in the Odyssey?

I don't think you want to go in that direction. If you think about it, Artemis is the only example of a young woman in the Greek pantheon - Hera is married, Aphrodite is not a

What role does Hermes play in the Odyssey?

hermes, the messanger god, was the one who told calypso to let odysseus go, and calypso soon after let him go on his way, instead of imprisoning him longer, out of selfish lon
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What role did Zeus play in mythology?

Zeus is the King of the Gods, he is a Sky God, a God of Storms, Thunder and Lightning, he is a God of Government, Laws and Justice, he protects the households Pantry and Borde
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Did Zeus play a role in The Odyssey?

Yes. Zeus allowed Athene to help Odysseus get home. Zeus also allowed, his brother, Poseidon ('the earthshaker' & God of the Sea) to interfere, as Odysseus blinded his son, th