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Human plays an integral role. He may positively or negatively affect water cycle.

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Q: What role does a hu man play in the water cycle?
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What is mans role in the water cycle?

Man has no role in the water cycle. Neither can the duplicate it.

What role does man made processors play in the carbon cycle?

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Water cycle help in man's survival. it is important to man.

How would man kind be affected if the water cycle ceased?

water cycle

Why is the water cycle important to man?

Water cycle is important to maintain the water content on surface of earth. Due to this, man can easily consume water.

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The water cycle doesn't have 'pros and cons.' It's a natural process that is not man made. You could say the whole thing is a 'pro.'

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Well, in terms of the natural water cycle, a non-example would be transpiration, because that's man-made

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