Gaia (Terra)

What role does gaia do?


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Gaia is the Earth from which all life springs.


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You can have pretend or role-play weddings on Gaia but they are not real legal weddings.

Not really. If you want to role play, you can go into the forums on gaia and simply search role playing; There are many guilds/groups which are mainly for that purpose. On gaia you can own your own avatar-dress them up, talk to people and go into animated towns and car races, a few games to earn gold to buy items, a marketplace which items are sold- must have account for three days to be activated..many of things. I've had gaia for a while now, i really like it. I actually love to role play. Any questions about gaia? If you want to join, you can search me on gaia, My username is: Awesomeroxy I'll be glad to help you more, if you need it.

Gaia did not create the earth - she is the earth, and the earth is Gaia. In some myths Gaia was born of Aither and Hemera.

My Gaia -> Account It's under the My Gaia menu.

She doesn't have a gaia account but there are people on gaia with her name as a username

There is no Roman Gaia. - Gaia is the Greek Goddess of Earth.

Gaia is the great mother of all. My hypothesis is that Gaia is the goddess of planets.

That is for Gaia cash.

Gaia is the Earth goddess of the Greeks.

Gaia is the personification of the Earth, so the earth itself and its life are symbols of Gaia.

That would be the admins on gaia.

Only the gods and Gaia know.

No. There's no viruses on gaia.

No, Rhea is the daughter of Gaia.

You can't get a baby. You can join role playing games or equip an item to your avatar, but you cannot have a baby with another user.

Gaia does not need a weapon, for what harms her harms all life on Earth, for Gaia is the Earth personified.

"Gaia" Means earth, and Gaia represents our planet, and how we need to care of it because we are the caretakers of Earth.

The cast of Gaia - 2011 includes: Gena McLaughlin as Gaia

Gaia or Gaea had kids with Uranus

ˈgädis -goddessˈgīə - gaia

you don't, that's stealing

Yes it's called Gaia. -.-

Affect the Earth, which Gaia is the personification of.

Gaia in Latin meant earth.

So that there would be Earth, which Gaia is the personification of.

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