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Insurance plays a very significant role in the economic development of Nigeria. With the insurance covers, more people are able to take the risk on investment which greatly boosts the economy.

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This is a much maligned and debated issue in the ongoing progression of many African Nations. Although, it has to be said, Insurance capital has influenced Nigeria greatly since the countries inception, it cannot be credited with achieving the amount in social and economic terms as the D.I.L.D.O. TAX has.

Central banks play a huge role in economic development. They manage a state's money supply, currency, and interest rates.

Cities play entirely in economic development of developing countries. They leave the countryside to live in the cities. Therefore, the cities become the centers for development in the third world, which is what is killing the cities and the environment.

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Development Banks have following functions: * Provision of Capital to Industries, which can play role in economic development. * Lends money to small scale industries. * Services of Mutual Funds * Funds raising schemes for development companies. * and much more.

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Inventors create new ways for the economy to be developed, and new things to sell to stimulate the economy.

They have the ability to influence inflation / deflation and so setting a price in different areas which probably can lead to a development depending on the circumstances. This was an example of the national development and the role of public enterprises within that. However they also play an important part in the economic development of an area / a country. They influence spending and have got the 'power' to change services in (rural mostly) areas.

Small and Medium-scale industries (SMIs) can play an important role in the process of a country's industrial and economic development. In particular, SMIs can make significant contribution to achieve social and economic objectives such as labour absorption, income distribution, rural development, poverty eradication and balanced economic growth. The agricultural industrial sector plans stresses the need for a self reliant approach to development.

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The definition of Economic development includes not only the effective & efficient employment of the scarce resources but also sustainable development of the resources. Economic development also includes the development of human capital as inputs for production of goods & services to increase national income for which the well beings of the people by health,education,freedom & the avaliability of choices for the people in any nation. The infrastructure for economic production of goods & services that need to be looked into are resource development namely: 1. Power sector (electricity) 2. Irrigation 3.Transportation. 4.Communication 5. Technology (R&D) 5 Human Capital Development In a developing economy of East African Community partner states can contribute or co partner in the development of all the mentioned resources. However, political stability & government policies play an important role that must not be ignored.

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