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they are their home to protect them from predators. I also provides support for their orgns and muscles.

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Q: What role does the shell play for the snail?
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What type of shell does a snail live in?

A snail lives in a snail shell.

Will a baby snail die if its snail shell is chipped?

yes a baby snail will die if it's shell is chipped because a snail shell is very delicate and so is the snail.

What does a snail live in?

A snail shell

What is the part of the snail that secretes the shell?

The mantle is what forms the shell of a snail.

If you crack a snail's shell and the snail's still alive will it hurt the snail?

If the snail is not crushed, the shell will heal in most cases.

When a snail is born does it have a shell?

when a snail is born it has a shell, and its actual body is still growing in the shell.

When does the snail's shell come off?

wn the snail is to big

How do you get your snail out of its shell?

you put some food in front of its nose and that is how you get a snail out of its shell

How do you get a snail to poke out of its shell so you can play with them?

get a little stick. a little known fact is that a stick is a snails way of communication, so with the correct stick the snail will give you its shell.

Why did my snail leave its shell?

No species of snail is able to 'leave' its shell. The shell is connected to the snail like a permanent tooth. If it were to leave its shell it would die. so unfortunately the snail probably died, or was eaten by a predator.

What can you do if the shell on your snail is cracked real bad?

What can I do if the shell on the snail is cracked real bad

What is the oldest part of the snail shell?

The oldest part of a snail's shell is the center of the coil. When the snail grows, it grows outward

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