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It could play the role of animal extinction, and the locations of the animal's location.

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Q: What role might this movement of continents have played in evolution?
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Why were Alfred wegeners ideas not accepted for many years?

There were several reasons. First, Wegener's ideas were quite radical, and many scientists probably found the idea of continents moving absurd. Second, he lacked a plausible explanation for how the continents might move. Third, Wegener was a meteorologist, not a geologist, so most geologists would not be inclined to trust his judgement on matters of geology.

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What role might districting of continents have played in evolution?

it might have played with the extinction of animals because of new habitats and some animals can't adapt.

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Why was Wegener theory of continental drift originally rejected?

He could not provide a wholly acceptable explanation for the movement of the continents.

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How does the map support the theory of continental drift?

The shapes of continents appearing on the map clearly show similar shapes and how the continents might fit together.

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to explain the relationship