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HULK in orlando,Universal

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2010-06-21 15:15:09
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Q: What rollercoaster has the steepest drop in the world?
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What roller coaster has the steepest drop in the world?

Gravity Max I think

How many feet is the steepest drop on Goliath the world's tallest roller coaster?


Where is the steepest railway line in the world?

Scenic World's railway line is the steepest

When did Rollercoaster World happen?

Rollercoaster World happened in 2004.

What is the highest rollercoaster drop?

Kingda Ka in Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. The drop is approximately 418 ft. It was named the steel rollercoaster with the highest drop in 2005!

What blood vessel experiences the steepest drop in blood pressure?


When was Rollercoaster World created?

Rollercoaster World was created on 2002-08-02.

Where and what is the fastest longest and steepest roller coaster in the world?

As of 2014, the fastest roller coaster in the world is located in Dubai, at Ferrari World. It can achieve a top speed of 149 mph. The longest roller coaster in the world is in Japan. It is 8133 feet long. The world's steepest is also in Japan, with a drop angle of 121 degrees.

The steepest mountain in the world?

A banana

What is the steepest street in New Zealand?

Baldwin Street, Dunedin is the steepest street in both New Zealand and the world.

What is the steepest railway in the world?

The steepest railway line is in Scenic World, Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia at a whopping 52 degrees below horizontal.

Which roller coaster in the wold is the steepest?

Takabisha is the world's steepest roller coaster located at Fuji-Q Highland in Japan.

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