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Please contact the Romanian Embassy at Washington or another Romanian cosulate: Embassy of Romania - Consular Section -

Passports, power of attorney, civil documents, visasAddress: 1607 23rd Street, NW Washington D.C., 20008Phone: 202-3322879 ext. 117 or 120

202-2324749 ext 117 or 120

202-3324852 ext 117 or 120

Fax: 202-2324748 or 202-3876902 Mrs. Mihaela Deaconu, Consul

Working Hours with the public: Monday-Friday: 10 A.M. - 1 P.M.

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Q: What roules to marry romanian woman?
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Can a single American woman marry Romanian in Romania and bring her spouse to America?


Can i get Romanian passport if i marry Romanian?

You can get a passport to anywhere no matter if you are married to someone of that nationality or not. If you want to go to Romania that go with or without a romanian husband or not. You can become a Romanian citizen if you marry a Romanian and therefore get a Romanian passport.

Will a Romanian Man love and marry an Asian Woman?

I do not see why the man being Romanian and the woman being Asian would be any impediment to them loving each other. More likely impediments include: different languages, different religions, different socio-economic backgrounds, etc.

How soon would you get Romanian permanent residency if you marry a Romanian citizen?

After 3 years of legally married with a Romanian citizen, you can apply for a parmanent residence (Romanian Passport).

Can romanian girl marry Egyptian man?

If she is dumb the answer is yes

How do romanian men treat english women?

They treat English woman like trash. They lie, they cheat they use woman.

What is what age are you in romanian?

"How old are you" English for the romanian:"Câţi ani ai?" Unless you asked a woman, the answer will be "Am <age in numbers> ani"

How do you find a white woman to marry?

You find a white woman to marry in exactly the same way that you find any other race of woman to marry.

Can someone marry with Romanian national girl to get legal stay in UK?

Yes, if you are a citizen of UK.

What is young woman in Romania?

The Romanian language equivalent of young woman is femeie tînără.

What is 'Goodnight Love' in Romanian?

The Romanian equivalent of Good night love is Noapte bună, iubito (to a girl/woman) /iubitule (to a boy/man).

Or if in case that you want to marry your Romanian boyfriend after two to three years what are the requirements i will be needing to be a Romanian citizen and how please help me thanks?

See the following link: