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Whichever shoe that is on the fastest runner. Brand isn't as important as the person doing the running.

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Q: What running shoes are faster Nike's or Reebok's?
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What kinds of shoes are there in nba 2k11?

Jordans, Nikes, Adidas and Reeboks

What are some brands of popular running shoes?

From what I read is that Nikes and SPikes are very good running shoes. I personally think Nikes are great for running. and it is said that spikes are great for hardcore running.

What are Nikes lightest running shoes?

Luna Racers

What are the better brands of running shoes?

nikes are the best brand of running shoes. It is comfortable. It last long and it in style right now. Everyone love nikes. Athletes wear them all the time.

Are zero drop running shoes comparable to Nikes?

I would not think they are comparable. A true "zero drop" running shoe is almost like running barefoot. Nikes have extra padding in the heels and the soles. Like most regular running shoes, manufactures believe this extra padding lessens wear and tear on the foot and joints.

Where can I buy new running shoes online?

The best brands of running shoes are Nikes, Adidas, Fils, and many more. You can purchase these online at their home website or on eBay or Amazon. Congrats on your new shoes!

What should I be displaying in a running warehouse?

I would need to display running shoes if I were to open a shoefitr running warehouse. I love shoes. My favorite shoes are sketchers and Nikes but I also like candies. I'll wear addidas if they're cheaper.

What are the lowest price, name brand running shoes?

Nike makes the best and you can find low priced Nikes.

What shoes do you have?

pumas Nikes

Where can I buy barefoot running shoes?

If you want and need barefoot running shoes, you can get them at a lot of different places. Your local mall will have different shoe outlets that sell them. The most popular brand are the Nikes.

What are the most popular running shoes?

The most popular running shoes in the market right now are Nikes. They are an established, well trusted, brand and a leader of innovation when it comes to running shoes. Also, they are considered to be one of the most fashionable shoes available as they keep up with modern trends.

What kind of shoes did men wear in the 1500?

They wore leather shoes and nikes Ms. Lay yes they wore nikes.