What scavengers eat pigs?

Updated: 11/15/2022
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as far as i know any scavenger will eat a dead pig, scavengers generally eat anything they have strong stomachs after all its what they are designed for.

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Q: What scavengers eat pigs?
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Do pigs eat guinea pigs?

Pigs will eat anything. They are scavengers.

Do any animals eat pigs beside pigs eating pigs?

Pigs normally do not eat pigs. It is a sign of desperation if one does do that. Otherwise, wild cats, wild dogs and scavengers will eat pigs.if pigs are hungry they will eat . Also mother sows sometimes eat their piglets or sit on them and kill them

Why shouldn't people eat scavengers?

scavengers eats every thing like crab and shrimp they eat Poo and trash. wile pigs and cat fish eat anything they see what they eat effects your body they are filthy creatures :)

What are the Scavengers of a tropical rainforest?

there are many type of scavengers in the tropical rainforests. scientests have searched and found out answers. i did some research and double checked with my senior biology teacher and they said oil pigs witch are the type of pigs that eat insects

What do sea pig's eat?

Sea pigs are bottom dwellers that feed on anything they can find; they are scavengers.

Are wolverine scavengers?

no they are not scavengers they eat live food

Can mice eat scavengers and if they could what scavengers do they eat?

No, mice ARE scavengers. They're one of the smallest animals in the world, I DOUBT a mouse could eat another scavenger.

Can you eat scavengers?


How do you mean by scavengers?

Scavengers are animals that eat from the remains of dead animals.

Do pig eat humans?

Pigs will eat just about anything, but they are generally scavengers and foragers rather than predators. Wild pigs areactually quite dangerous, and will attack adult humans if they feel threatened or if they're in rut, but they will not attack a human for food.Wild, feral, or extremely hungry pigs MAY eat anything, including humans. They are known to possess the ability to digest human bones.

What are some scavengers in the Australian Outback?

Some scavengers found in Australia's outback include:GoannaDingoMeat antscrowintroduced feral pigs and wild dogs (apart from the dingo)

Why is it true all scavengers are consumers but all consumers are not scavenger?

All scavengers eat, it's part of the definition of the word. But not all things that eat are scavengers. Predators aren't scavengers, but they are consumers. Scavengers actually can not exist without primary consumers to scavenge off of.