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She attended a Catholic school for two years, but left after telling the school she was raped.


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Yup she went to ''The house of the good sheperd"

Im not exactly sure. but I dont believe Billie Holiday Attended Any type of school, after she dropped out of her Catholic School. --- My name Is Kayla. Any Questions E-mail me:

yes she did when to challenge ? :p

Billie Holiday because she was going throught alot of things because she was rape

No. She quit school after 5th grade

Billie Holiday liked to sing

billie holiday was on drugs >:O

Billie holiday was born in Philedelphia.

Billie Holiday is 5' 5".

terrible person when it came to school

what is billie holiday kids name

Billie Holiday took the name Holiday from her father, guitarist Clarence Holiday.

Billie Holiday was born on April 7, 1915.

Billie Holiday was born in Philadelphia April 7,1915

Billie Holiday was a singer, songwriter and Composer

Billie Holiday went by Lady Day.

Billie Holiday Sings was created in 1956.

yes , she went to a catholic school called ''the house of god'' reform school

Billie Holiday sang the blues and swing

Billie Holiday never went to college.

An Evening with Billie Holiday was created in 1953-03.

No Billie Holiday did not and never had cancer when she was alive. She died Because she was on drugs.

Billie Holiday first sang at the Hot-Cha club.

Billie Holiday died on July 17, 1959 at the age of 44.

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