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Q: What school did Brad Walst attend?
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What is Brad Walst's middle name?

James Walst is the name of Brad Walst's son.

Is Brad Walst married?

Yes, Brad Walst and Matt Walst are brothers.

When was Brad Walst born?

Brad Walst was born on February 16, 1977.

Who is brad walst's mom?

His mom is Karol Walst

What is Brad Walst's official MySpace?

Please see Related Link for Brad Walst's official MySpace.

What are the names of brad walst two sons?

James and Graydon Walst

What is Brad Walst birthday?

He was born February 16, 1977

What month was Brad Walst from Three Days Grace born?

Brad Walst from Three Days Grace was born in February.

Who are Brad Walst's parents?

Lou and Carol Walst. His younger brother is Matt Walst, singer for My Darkest Days.

What is Brad Walst's four year old son's name?

Brad Walst's oldest son's name is James Walst (born 2006). He has two other sons, Grayden and Zach.

How old is Brad Walst from Three Days Grace?

Brad Walst of Three Days Grace is thirty-three years old as of 2010.

When is Matt walst's birthday?

Matt Walst (brother of Brad) was born on December 28, 1982.