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Nora Rowley goes to Ashworth Elementary School.

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Q: What school does nora rose rowley go to in The Report Card?
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How old is nora rose rowley in the report card?

she is in fifth grade. she is 10-11 years old

Who are the main characters in The Report Card by Andrew Clements?


The theme of the book called The Report card?

The School Story proves that anyone at any age can accomplish whatever they desire. This is the theme.

When was Nora School created?

Nora School was created in 1964.

Who are the characters in The Report Card by Andrew Clements?

The main character in the report card is Nora. Other characters follow in order of most mentioned to least mentioned: Stephen, Mrs. Byrne, Mrs. Hackney, Dr. Trindler, Nora's mom, Nora's dad, Jenny Ashton, Ann, Todd, Merton, Mrs. Noyes, Mrs. Zang, Mr. McKay, Mrs. Drummond, Elliot, Charlotte, Ms. Prill, and last but not least, Mrs. Card

What is the Resolution to Report Card by Andrew Clements?

the resolution to The Report Card is that in the end Nora just tells the truth and she finds out that in the end it is not exactly the same as before but Stephan likes her for who she really is and that is all that matters to Nora.

How did Nora “win a round” of the report card battle at dinner?

she’s better than you

What are the release dates for The Colbert Report - 2005 Nora Ephron 2-149?

The Colbert Report - 2005 Nora Ephron 2-149 was released on: USA: 29 November 2006

How did Nora from the report card by Andrew clements go about solving her problems?

Since I have the book. Answer = That Nora tries to form a strike at the end so that kids can avoid doing there work by getting zereos on there tests like the CMT( Conneticut Mastery Test). Also she got D's and one C on porpose because of that.

What type of animal is Nora in the cartoon timothy goes to school?

a mouse

What has the author Nora Beust written?

Nora Beust has written: 'School library administration' -- subject(s): Administration, Bibliography, School libraries 'Our neighbor republics' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Books and reading, Juvenile literature, Children's literature, Children

How has torvald misunderstood nora?

married, but torvald treats nora like a pretty young child, not like a spouse and partner in life