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The majority of law schools will accept almost any undergraduate degree. Many students choose criminal justice or political science as a major.

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Q: What school gcse should i take to become a lawyer?
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Career pathway to become a lawyer from gcse?


Do i need to take a language at GCSE to become a solicitor?

University's like it if you do a language at GCSE, but you shouldn't need it to be a lawyer.

What subjects should you take at GCSE to become a disabled teacher?

if your school offers then: health and social care

How do you become a actress?

You should audition for a movie,or get a role of a movieor join a drama school take drama as a GCSE

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How many gcse do you need to become a paramedic?

what gcse do i need to become a paramedic

How many GCSE do you need to be a lawyer?

as many as possible

How many gcse you need to become a lawyer?

you need alot more than gcse, but to progress on to a-level you need at least 5 a-c's and to get on a uni law course you'll need 3 a's and b's.

Can you take polish gcse?

You will have to check with your school, I know a student who did a polish gcse at my school.

What subjects should you take at GCSE to become a docter?

Definaltely science but not sure what else

What gcse for police?

the main gcse you need to become a police is history.

GCSE you need to become a firefighter?

how many Gcse do i need to be a firefighter

Where can I get copies of my gcse results taken in 2002?

You should contact your school or your exam board.

What GCSE grades are required to be a lawyer?

make good grades and do the best you can, even if you have to become geek, because in the long run, life will be great because of your smartness

Do you need to do GCSE PE to become an olympic athlete?

No, you don't need a GCSE

What subjects do i have to take for my options in year 9 to become a lawyer i researched it but i couldn't find the right information i needed?

you need history, business studies (GCSE) try to get good grades as this will be really good for becoming a lawyer .

What classes should you take in high school to become a real estate agent?

Please edit if you know. Your high school might have a person who you can talk to about GCSE and A-level choices and your job prospects. They give very detailed and helpful information about what you can become through your qualifications.

Where can you get your GCSE results from?

your school.

Which gcse should you take to become a dentist - btech business studies and btech performing arts or gcse business studies and french gcse?

if you are in Year 9 then i would suggest to you that you should pick triple science. Triple science would be a great help! Chemistry, physics and biology. sociology would also help. you would need to go to a dental school after college. for work experience, you should pick your closest dentist.

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What GCSEs do you need to become a news reader?

To be a news reader most employers look for a gsce in News Reading, if your school did not do News Reading then you can attend courses in various colleges that give you a gcse in News Reading, you will definately become a news reader with this gcse

Can you get a gcse in ballet?

No but you can get a GCSE in dance which sort of includes ballet. That's what they do at the Royal Ballet school.

Can you get into medical school with these gcse qualifications?

Its hard to tell if you don't put your GCSE results up.

What gcse do you need to become a flight engineers?

you should take A) Geography B) Electronics C) Computer Science