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What schools are qualified for veterinarians?

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you have to be smart, good with animals, Biology and many others classes and things you need to become a veterinarian mechanic.:)

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Where are veterinarians trained?

Veterinarians are trained at accredited colleges of veterinary medicine. There are dozens of these schools around the world.

What type of school do you go to for being a veterinarian?

Veterinarians go to Veterinary schools or Vet Tech schools

How many veterinarians graduate each year?

In the United States each year approximately 2,000 veterinarians graduate from the 28 accredited schools of veterinary medicine.

Where do veterinarian professionals get their education and training?

Veterinarians are generally trained and educated at specialized Schools of Veterinary Medicine.

Do veterinarians have to go to medical school?

Yes, but they go to their own medical schools, not the same one as physicians. Veterinarians specifically attend a college (or school) of veterinary medicine that is accredited to teach veterinary students.

Problems and prospects of teaching and learning English in primary schools?

There are insufficient and qualified english teachers to teach the subject in the Primary schools.

State law schools had to admit qualified African American applicants even if parallel black law schools existed?


What were black schools like?

Public schools for blacks were poorly funded and inferior to white schools in the same school districts. The facilities were not are good and most of the teachers were not as well-qualified.

Is veterinarians an adverb?

No, veterinarians is a plural noun.

What schools in Manhattan Queens and Brooklyn are for veterinarians?

To the best of my knowledge, there are no schools of veterinary medicine in New York City or the associated burroughs. The school of veterinary medicine in the State of New York is in Ithaca; this is Cornell.

Can veterinarians advertise?

Yes, veterinarians can advertise their services.

What task do veterinarians do?

Veterinarians are like doctors to animals.

Where can vets get hired in the U.S?

Veterinarians are eligible to work pretty much anywhere that animals are kept or worked with. Most veterinarians work at veterinary clinics, although a number of vets work at zoos, for the government (like me), for research companies and for schools or independent labs.

Can veterinarians work part time?

Yes, although part-time veterinarians are a small minority of all veterinarians.

Are there any veterinarians who specialize in horses or large animals in Wilkes COunty,NC?

Yes. North Carolina is home to one of the highest populations of horses and cattle in U.S., so there are many qualified veterinarians. can help you, and has multiple locations available. thare is at least 1 farm vet in noth carolina

Why do veterinarians need a license?

veterinarians need a licence to practice

What are all of the countries that have veterinarians?

There are veterinarians in every country in the world.

Are there more female or male veterinarians?

This has shifted within the last decade, but there are now more practicing female veterinarians than there are practicing male veterinarians. Within the next 10-15 years, there will be more female veterinarians total than there are male veterinarians total.

How many veterinarians are in Australia?

There are at least 8,000 veterinarians in Australia as of 2011.

Are there more small animal veterinarians than large animal veterinarians?

In the United States, yes, there are many more small animal veterinarians than large animal veterinarians. However, this proportion changes depending upon the geographic region you are talking about, and in many developing countries there are many more large animal veterinarians than small animal veterinarians.

How many Americans are veterinarians?

Recent studies show that there are about72,720 veterinarians in America.

Do veterinarians get Rabies shots?

It is recommended that veterinarians get pre-exposure rabies vaccinations.

When was Federation of Veterinarians of Europe created?

Federation of Veterinarians of Europe was created in 1975.

What do veterinarians do on computers?

Most veterinarians maintain electronic records, and have computer programs to track billing. In addition, there are several good resources for veterinarians on the internet.

What are some of the best veterinary technician schools?

Veterinary technicians are in demand for their assistance they can offer to the vets. There are many qualified schools across the nation so I'd check locally first.