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Q: What schools didpochahantas attendfields of study they foucesed on or special skills?
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Are schools using iPads?

Some schools use them, but most are private or advanced special schools.

Are there any make up and special effect schools in the North West If so where?

There are no make up or special effect schools in the North West.

What are special features of rajasthan?

schools and colleges

Is there special education school for teachers?

It means special education. This is education for those with disabilities.

How many schools are in Newark New Jersey?

5 universities and colleges, 71 public schools, 10 special schools, 2 vocational schools, 40 private schools.

Is the operation of schools is written into the national or state constitution?

No. Special laws are passed concerning schools.

Does special-needs schools require tuition payments for the students or are they free?

The answer to your question will mostly depend on where you are. In Canada and the United States, public schools do not require any tuition. Special needs kids are able to go to public schools because most public schools have a special needs department where they have trained specialists looking after your child.

Is there a list of special ed schools near London on the internet?

Special Needs is designed to provide as much information as possible about the choice of schools and colleges available in the UK to children who have special needs. visit

Are there special education secondary schools in Ireland?


Where can I can get special education information?

The best place to visit would be governmental websites due to the fact that these types of schools for special needs are government funded schools for students.

How are ac schools in terms of education compared to other schools?

If you mean AC schools as Anderson County schools, there is nothing special or less of educations that you would receive, compared to another schools.

Where do you learn WWE wrestling moves?

Special wrestling schools.