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There are a huge number of schools that offer culinary arts classes in the US. To find a school in your area, check out the web site, and search by city, state or specialty.


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Not very many colleges offer culinary arts courses, but ones that do include Paul Smith's in the Adirondacks, and SUNY Alfred. There is also the French Culinary Institute in NYC.

There are several culinary schools that people are able to take their educational courses online. This is just one of the many schools that offer this.

We at WikiAnswers answer questions, we don't give courses in the "Culinary Arts".

what kind of courses do you need to get into the culinary arts school

There are many schools that offer technical and non-technical courses in the field of Culinary arts as a pastry Chef. A great resource of information can be found at The website I have mentioned will give you at least 85 choices of colleges who offer degrees in Culinary arts.

For Culinary Art you have to go Culinary Schools. There are many Culinary Arts Schools which provide education in Cooking industry and Food Management. For finding more information about Culinary arts Schools you can visit http://www.culinaryschoolsu.comand browse for more information.

The best school I may offer is the Art Institute of Tampa and Miami International University of Art & Design. These two schools have the same focus when it comes to arts and design. In "The Art Institute of Tampa", they provide education in design, media arts, fashion and culinary arts while in Miami International University of art, they offer design, media and visual arts, fashion, and culinary arts.


* The International Culinary Schools at the Art Institute of California. * California Culinary Academy. * California School of Culinary Arts. * Kitchen Academy.

Culinary arts courses can usually be found at your local technical school. Typically these will be very affordable for area residents. You can also check senior centers which sometimes offer specialty classes in all sorts of subjects. The following site is an online directory for various culinary training institutes: . You may also want to check your local state and community colleges to see what courses they offer.

There are many schools that offer courses in recording arts. Choosing the right one depends on your location. The following website offers a list U.S of schools that have these courses,

There are several Culinary Arts Schools you can go to in Canada. You might want to consider going to a school in a your province. Here is a list of culinary schools in Canada by province. Hope this helps and good luck.

Its not classified like that its orderd in class 1-3 in Hospitality The American Culinary Federation offer certifications in culinary arts

The Arts institue and Arizona State College have culinary Arts program that is affordable for everyone. There is no culinary arts schools that are non-profit however.

The best culinary arts programs are the ones held in community college's. There is a wide array of culinary courses you can take a learn to cook. There are also online courses which you can consider taking if time is a issue in your case.

Most schools that cover graphic arts call themselves Graphic Design Schools nowadays. There a re many institutions that offer courses in Graphic Design.

Several Colleges and Universities offer Culinary Arts programs. There are schools that specialize in Culinary Arts and offer a variety of certifications and programs that will help you launch a career in the Food Service and Hospitality industries. The related sources section has a site that lists all the Culinary schools and also private Cooking Classes organized by country, state and city. You can also search for an institution using your zip/postal code and/or city. The site also has reviews of schools posted by students who attended the schools which will help you decide which school you'd like to attend.

The top 3 culinary schools are: The Cordon Bleu, The Arts Institute, and Kitchen Academy. There are numerous culinary schools, but the one's listed above are the top nationwide.

You can not earn a complete culinary arts degree through online courses. Your local college may offer some cooking classes online, but professional level culinary classes must be taken in person.

There is The Randy Rayburn School of Culinary Arts at Nashville State.

Culinary Arts Schools, Le Cordon Bleu, The Art Institute, Kitchen Academy, Johnson and Wales, French Culinary Institute, and New England Culinary Institute.

Many colleges offer culinary schools with an emphasis on pastry chefs which include: Culinard located in Alabama, Scottsdale Culinary Institute located in Arizona, College of Culinary Arts located in Florida.

To find culinary art courses I suggest going on the internet and looking for nearby courses in your area. You can also check your yellowpages to find direct numbers.

Yes. Most Culinary arts schools require you to have a High school diploma or equivalent such as a GED.

Specific math courses will vary according to the different culinary schools. But math is quite important in developing recipes, calculating amounts and servings, figuring out calorie and nutrient levels and many other aspects of professional cooking.

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