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Dmitri Mendeleev was the first scientist to create the periodic table


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Antoine Lavoisier was credited for developing a list of elements.

In the 1790's, French scientist Antoine Lavoisier compiled a list of 23 elements.

As the list of known elements increased in the 1800s, scientists continued to look for a pattern in the properties of elements. Several scientists tried to arrange elements in a table in a way that made sense. 143

The periodic table of the elements lists all of the known elements.

It contains a list of all known elements.

There are 118 elements known to mankind. For a detailed list of elements and their properties (selected properties) see the link on periodic table below.

It is a list of all the known elements.

Known as the 'Periodic Table.'

There are no 120 elements. there are only 108 elements found.

It was Lavoisier who wrote the first extensive list of elements - containing 33 elements. He distinguished between metals and non-metals, dividing the few elements known in the 1700's into four classes.

Mass number is term used for isotopes, not for elements. And it is boring to list here all the isotopes of the first 20 elements.

I'm not sure, but it is definitely a scientist from this list: Democritus, Thomson, Bohr, Rutherford, Dalton, or Schordinger and Heisenberg.

The Periodic Table lists all the KNOWN Elementsin the Universe.(We don't know it all, as yet.)

Linear list for example is array, linked list, stack, ... It is called linear because all elements in those data structures are in linear sequence. We have first and the last elements in the list. If there is N elements in list, we know that all elements are in such sequence na, na+1. Non-linear structures would be trees and graphs.

The group 5 elements, also known as the group 15 elements, are nitrogen, phosphorus, arsenic, antimony, bismuth, and ununpentium (atomic number 115).

The Periodic table lists all of the elements currently known and understood, however it is widely believed that there are many more elements which are so far undiscovered.

Alexandre Beguyer de Chancourtois (1820-1886)

Look at a periodic table (a list of elements) - there you have it. ALL elements have radioactive isotopes.

The list is too long to be writed as an answer in WA; see the list at the link below.

Element. Known elements are represented on the Periodic Table of the Elements. You can find a list of known elements on in a song by Tom Leher, but we have discovered a few more since it was performed (B&W).

So many saraya scientist are there......

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