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== == Marie Curie won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1903 and the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1911

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Q: What scientist won the Nobel Prize more than once?
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How often is the Nobel Peace Prize given?

the nobel prize is give annually, meaning once a year! :)

Who was a female who won the nobel peace prize more than once?

Marie Curie

Who has been awarded Nobel Prize two times?

John Bardeen is the only person who has received the Nobel Prize in Physics twice. Marie Curie was awarded the Nobel Prize twice, once in Physics and once in Chemistry.

How often is the Nobel Prize given out?

once a year

How do you get the Nobel Prize in physics?

The general idea is that the Nobel Prize is given to people who make outstanding contributions, in this case to physics. Once a year, the Nobel Prize committee decides who, in their opinion, is the most deserving in this respect.

How many Nobel Prizes did Mother Teresa win?

She won the Nobel Peace Prize once in 1979.

How can ratio of mathematics novel prize winner increase?

First, there is no Nobel Prize in mathematics. Second, ratio of what to what? The Nobel Prizes (in physics, chemistry, and others, but NOT in mathematics) are given out once a year.

What is the peace award?

You may mean the Nobel Peace Prize, which is awarded in Stockholm once a year.

Why did Jose Saramago win The Nobel Prize in Literature in 1998?

The Nobel Prize in Literature 1998 was awarded to Jose Saramago who with parables sustained by imagination, compassion and irony continually enables us once again to apprehend an elusory reality.

How many Nobel Prizes are there?

5, Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Peace, and Literature.

Who was the first American to receive the Nobel Prize?

Albert Abraham Michelson (1852-1931), a German-born American physicist, who specialized in the interaction between energy and matter, received the 1907 Nobel Prize in Physics, becoming the first American to win the award. The prize recognized two of Michelson's achievements: his design of extremely sensitive optical (light-gathering) instruments, and the accurate measurements of the speed of light he gathered using those instruments.

Why did Alfred nobel make dynamite?

Because as a child his home town of Kazkhastan was attacked by the Mongolians and he sought revenge. Once he blew up Mongolia he felt bad because there were lots of snails that lived in Mongolia so to make up for it he started the Nobel peace prize.