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Isaac newton contributed the most.

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Q: What scientists contributed the most to your understanding of the force of gravity and the movement of objects?
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Why would astronauts have to know what gravity is?

It is a common misconception that gravity does not exist in space. The truth is that in space, gravity is the most important force in governing the movement of large objects. You cannot plot a trajectory in space without understanding gravity.

What is difference between learning and understanding?

Learning : You memorize the formula for Newton´s law of gravity (if such a thing exists ;-) Understanding : You realize, that, due to gravity and the consequences for the movement of your body, if you jump from the rooftop of a 30 storey building, you will (most probably) die.

Is there proof of 2012?

Scientists believe that on Dec 7th of 2012, the planets will align in which they will combine gravity and rip on the earth causing massive plate movement.

What force do scientists thinck was responsible for clumping matter together to form the first stars after the big bang?

Scientists don't "think" it was gravity, scientists know that it was gravity.

Why do engineers designing satellite and space probes need to understand gravity?

For the design of the probe an understanding of gravity is not required. However, to get the probe into space and into a stable orbit round a chosen body an understanding of gravity is required. Thus it is the launch vehicle design where an understanding of gravity is needed.

How is Newton's law of gravity related to the movement of the planets?

How is Newton's law of gravity related to the movement of the planets?

What is the governing force in the solar system when it comes to movement?

It is gravity.

What is a example of using the word gravity in a sentence?

The gravity of the situation was beyond my understanding. We're held to the earth by gravity.

What cause's a mass movement?

A mass movement is caused by Gravity.

How does gravity affect dance?

In low gravity- less effort and slow motion in upward and downward movement. in higher gravity - more effort and slow motion in upward movement and vice versa for downward movement.

What forces causes movement?


The movement of blood from legs toward the heart is slowed dowm by gravity the effect of gravity is counteracted by?

The valves in veins assist blood is the movement of blood from the legs. This is slowed by gravity.