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You need at least a 350 in each area (mathematics and English) to pass the CAHSEE, but most of the questions are simple and do not exceed the eighth grade curriculum.

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What you need is a high level 2 and a level 3 or higher. ;)

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Q: What scores do you need to pass fcat?
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What is a FCAT score?

fcat scores are what you need to pass the grade thats why the tell you you got a 1 2 3 4 5 or a 6 if you are doing writting these tests are only in florida thats why it called the florida compreehension assesmient test or FCAT for short if you live in another state do not worry you have other tests answered by carolyn a.

When do the fcat scores for 2011 released?

The Summer.

Where can people check the Fcat scores?


How well did alachua do on fcat writing?

they are bringing the scores up so we did well on Fcat writing

How do you pass the sixth grade eog?

none upset the fcat writes which i think is a 4 or a 3 but its best if you get a 4 just in case cause ive been asking my friends and they either say get a 3 on the fcat writes you pass 8th grade but you get intensive class and or get a 4 on the fcat writes and you dont repeat 8th grade again

When will 2010 FCAT scores come out?

4 months!

I need to do a 3 paged report on why i should pass the fcat exams in middle school instead of waiting until high school to pass HELP ME the question is why should i pass the fcat exam?

so you can go to high school

When will the 2009 FCAT scores come in?

ur life time

What happen if you fail in fcat?

You may have a chance to take the other two FCAT tests to pass.

What happends if you pass the writing fcat but failed the reading fcat?

You move into a special E.D class

How do you know if your child passed the school year?

Find out your child's FCAT scores.

Do you pass elementary school no matter what?

no you have to pass the FCAT and get good grades :}