What scripture is god watches children and fool?

That is not in the Scriptures, but is a saying.

I hope you don't mind if I add some supportive statement, too, that was posted under a similarly worded question:
There is no quote in the Bible "God watches out for fools and little children." You can search the King James Version online for yourself to be sure. Another "quote" so often repeated is "God takes care of those who take care of themselves." This is not found in the Bible either. I Peter 5:7 "Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you" represents God's true character and nature, a loving God who encourages the believer to petition God with all cares, problems, perplexities, questions, without reservation and it will not intimidate Him. He will provide a solution, a way and that way is through the Cross of the Saviour. Since Yeshua Hameschiah Adonai atoned for sin as the only perfect acceptable sacrifice for sin, the barrier between the sinner and God the Father was broken down. When a child of God accepts the sacrifice of Christ who took the sinner's place, he receives forgiveness for sin and there is no more separation from God the Father. In all humility and with unspeakable reverent awe, a true miracle takes place in the believer's heart and he becomes a new creation, restored in fellowship with His Saviour and God the Father. Now the Father entreats the believer to approach Him boldly and not be shy about sharing the things that are bothering him, and like a father who pities his children and wants to care and provide for their needs, God the Father will take care of His children, too. This is not religion. This is a relationship. Religion mandates that followers prescribe to rules and regulations to control behavior to make them acceptable to God the Father. But that is not life, and all the efforts of a sincere person will never be able to replace or supplant the perfect atonement accomplished when the Saviour went to the Cross. Through the Lord's death and resurrection, anyone who accepts Christ (Yeshua) as Lord is now accepted in the beloved, anyone, any sinner. This is the new beginning, the new birth.