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What sea animals eat clams?

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Many sea animals like to eat clams. These include eels, sea stars, whelks, and sea mammals. They are one of the most important foods among sea life.

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What sea animal eats clams?

I know that walrus eat clams by sucking them out of their hard shells. I am pretty sure that there are other animals who eat clams too.

What animals are enemies of the clam?

Besides humans, many other animals will eat clams. Most often, birds such as sea gulls and also many fish will eat clams.

What does the sea star eat?

They eat clams, oysters, coral, fish, and other animals that live in the ocean

Do sea star eat clams?

yes, sea stars can eat clams. They use their tube feet to open the shells and then eat the clams tissue.

Do vegetarians eat clams?

No, clams are animals.

What animals eat clams?

Some animals that eat clams are crabs, snails, monkeys, too.

Which sea creatures eat clams?

I know that otters eat clams; but I don't know what other creatures eat clams as well.

What do sea stars eat?

They eat clams and musels.

What food do sea stars eat?

sea stars eat clams and oysters

Do walrus eat live animals?

A walrus will eat live clams, shrimp, tube worms, sea cucumbers, and many other bottom dwelling living animals.

What eats bivalves?

Humans and some sea animals eat bivalves. Bivalves are marine animals such as clams, scallops, oysters as well as mussels.

Do clams eat or no?

Yes, clams do eat. They are filter feeders filtering water for microscopic animals and plants.

What dos a sea star eat?


Do sea turtles eat clams?


What do sea trout eat?

Sea trout eat shrimp, clams, minnows and eels.

What do hermit crabs eat in the sea?

small animals, dead bodies, meat in general. (clams, mussels, slugs...) 177

Do fish eat clams?

Fish do like to eat clams which are a popular food among the animal world. Other animals that like to eat clams are shorebirds, starfish and people.

What do small clams eat?

They filter microbes from the sea water and eat that.

Where do sea otters find food?

In the sea, they love to eat clams from the sea bed.

What kind of fish do stingrays eat?

Stingrays eat fish, sea worms, shrimp. and clams. They may eat soft shelled animals also. They eat plankton in the water also.

What do ocean animals eat?

Ocean animals eat a varity of things such as plankton, other fish, sea weed, crabs, shrimp, crill, oysters, clams, ect... And not all ocean animals eat these things only certain species.

Where do sea otters get their food?


Sea animals without spines such as clams are classified as what?

it is an invertibrate

What sea animals starts with K or C?


What are the natural predators of clams?

Other than humans, clams are eaten by many animals. Seagulls and other sea birds will pick up clams and drop them on rocks to open them. Raccoons will eat clams by either crunching them with their teeth or prying them open with their hands. Sea stars (or star fish) are able to completely cover and pry open clams underwater. There are also some kind of fish that will eat clams. California otters Elephant seals Rays

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