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Q: What seasonal changes happen to the snowshoe hare?
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Is a snowshoe hare a rodent?

Yes a snowshoe hare is a rodent

How tall is a snowshoe hare?

I am sorry, but I have no clue how tall this snowshoe hare is.

Is a snowshoe hare a herbivore or carnivore or omnivore?

The snowshoe hare is a herbivore.

What are the adaptions for the snowshoe hare?

snowshoe hare white fur helps them blend into its snowy surroundings.

Is a snowshoe hare vertebrata or invertebrate?

A snowshoe hare is a mammal. All mammals are vertebrates.

How long does a snowshoe hare live?

A snowshoe hare lives from 8-11 years.

How many babies does a snowshoe hare have?

the snowshoe hare has 2 trough 8 babbies

What symbiotic relationship is where a snowshoe hare gets its food?

the symbiotis relationship is when the snowshoe hare eats a leaf

What are some adaptations for the snowshoe hare?

snowshoe hare white fur helps them blend into its snowy surroundings.

What is the snowshoe hare nickname?

The snowshoe hare or rabbit has been given the nickname or alternate name of the varying hare. The hare is brown during the summer and morphs its coat to white for the winter.

What is a snowshoe hair a herbivoreomnivore or a carnivore?

The Snowshoe Hare is a herbivore.

What does a snowshoe hare look like?

During the winter months, a snowshoe hare has white fur with gray trim. During the summer months, it is brown. It is called the snowshoe hare because of it's large back feet.

Where does a snowshoe hare live?

The snowshoe hare is found in mountains. They live mainly in the Rocky Mountains in the U.S. or in the mountains in Canada.

How does white fur help the snowshoe hare?

Because since the snowshoe hare is a small guy it need camouflage to survive

What is the habitat of the snowshoe hare?

snowshoe hares are found in the northern forests.

How does a snowshoe hare interact in its environment?

One way a snowshoe hare interacts with its environment is by changing fur color by season. In the winter, the hare turns white for camouflage in the snow.

Does the snowshoe hare migrate?

No, it does not appear that the snowshoe hare migrates. This would be mainly due to having limited habitat options and the fact that they are endangered.

What adaptations does the snowshoe hare have to survive in its habitat?

the snowshoe hare's white fur helps it blend into its surroundings. it is nearly invisible to any predators

What is a snowshoe hare behavior?

The snowshoe hare changes its fur color when it's winter and when it's summer. this is a behavior because if it didn't it would be spotted by a predator and be killed to extinction. another adaption is that it changes its diet when winter comes. in the winter it eats baby trees and shrubs. a third adaption is that when the fur color changes it gets thicker and thinner to. thicker when it turns white and thinner when it turns brown.

Is the snowshoe hare an omnivore?

no, herbivore.

Is a snowshoe hare a herbivor?


What eats a snowshoe hare?


Does a snowshoe hare hibernate?

no, they dont

Does a snowshoe hare eat lichen?


What is the snowshoe hare adapted to?