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  • Ravens wood school for boys in bromley
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in goodrich

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Q: What secondary school does akai osei attend?
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When was Akai Osei born?

Akai Osei was born on december 29th 1998

When was Osei Kyeretwie Secondary School created?

Osei Kyeretwie Secondary School was created in 1937.

When is Akai Osei birthday?

Akai Osei's birthday is on April 12th.

What is akai secend name?


How old is akai osei 2012?

Akai osei is 12 years old he the same age as me and the same mouth year and day

Is akai osei a christian?

yes akai is a christian he belives in jesus

Who is the got to dance winner?

Akai osei

Where does akai osei live?

orpington, kent

What is the name of akai osei's sister?


When was Akai Osei Birthday?

I adore Akai Milan Osei, he's amazing. His birthday is the 28th of November 1999. He's currently 11 (2011).

Who is akai osei's best friend?

Akai osei's best friend is Deborah Agbo. They've been best friends since they were like 9 and 10!

What is akai osei girlfriends name?

Ana Conceicao and theyve been dating for a year or so. Jealous...