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The West sided with the North. And I know that you guys who are looking at this are trying to complete your US History worksheet! Cuz I am too.

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Q: What section sided with the north in the civil war?
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Which section of the nation was economically dominant after the Civil War?

the north

What did Russia do during the Civil War?

Russia was expanding to the Pacific and North America at that time and sided more or less with the Union but took no active role in the war.

Did the north win the Civil War?

Yes, the north won the Civil War.

What was the north called in the Civil War?

In the civil war, the North was called the Union.

The north or the south win the Civil War?

The north won the civil war.

Why did the north win the civil war-?

The North won the Civil War by General Lee from the South surrendered to the North.

Did the north secede during the Civil War?

No- the South seceeded from the North, which was a cause of the Civil War

When did North Yemen Civil War happen?

North Yemen Civil War happened in 1962.

Did the north win the Civil War or did the south lose the Civil War?

The North won the Civil War. All the South had to do was defend. It was up to the North to attack, which in the end they did successfully.

What if the north won the civil war?

The north did win!______________________________________________________________The North did win the American Civil War - we live the results everyday .

How many people were in the north during the civil war?

There were 20 million in the north during the civil war

What was the education like in the north during the civil war?

The education during the civil war in the north was education.

What role did the Native Americans play in the Civil War?

They sided with the Confederacy.

What side won the Civil War?

The North won the Civil War

Northern victory in Civil War?

north won the civil war

In the Civil War who won the battle?

the north won the civil war

What ended the the Civil War?

the civil war ended when the north won

Who was the winner in the Civil War?

The winner of the civil war was The Union or the North

What was a nick name for the civil war in the north?

US civil war

What does North mean in Civil War?

better question is which civil war.

Which war is worse a Civil War or an ordinary war?

a civil war the civil war was the north vs. south of one country

What reasons did the North have for fighting the US Civil War?

The North was fighting the Civil War originally to preserve the Union. However, later sometime, the North fought the Civil War to end slavery.

What is the name of the us war between north and the south?

the civil war The Civil War.

Why was it easier for the north to recover from the Civil War?

It was easier for the north to recover from the civil war because they won the war and were more industrialized.

What was the war in North Carolina?

the civil war