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Q: What sentence correctly describes an aspect of oil painting?
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What is an important aspect of Romanesque manuscript illumination was based on the following?

The subordination of the figure to the frame was an important aspect of Romanesqu manuscript illumination.

What does detail mean in art?

A minor or inconsequential item or aspect.

When designing a room how do you figure out what colors to use?

Follow the Pro'sI often look at the web pages of furniture companies to get good ideas. They are usually targeting a more "mainstream" customer, so they tend to use colors that appeal to larger group of people. Additionally, you can get some quick and easy decorating ideas to accent your room which can maximize the impact of your color choice, either by toning it down, or bringing it out. Good luck, have fun. Color is a great decorating too because of it's versatility and low cost. Use Comfortable ColorsPut the colors that make you feel comfortable. Consider the principles of designHere are some questions you can ask yourself about the room before you decide on colours: What is the aspect of the room?Understanding the aspect of the room is vital before you decide on colours - if the room gets a lot of natural light (facing South in the Northern hemisphere or facing North in the southern Hemisphere) then it is OK to use cooler colours (blues and greens), but if the room receives very little natural light (faces opposite to above) then warmer colours are the best choice (pinks, reds, oranges and yellows) Are there any aspect of the room size or shape that you want to change?It is vital to remember that any colour applied to even a single wall can have amajor effect on how that wall appears - there are two sets of guielines that apply here: 1. Warm colours advance and cool colours recedeThe effect of painting a wall or ceiling a warm colour eg pink is to make the wall seem closer than it actually is - hence it's not a good idea to paint a low ceiling pink - it will seem even lower!Similarly a room thatyou paint blue will appear larger than it really is.2. Pale colours recede, strong colours advanceThe effect of painting a wall or ceiling a strong colour is that it will appear much closer than a neutral colour; similarly painting a wall or ceiling a pale colour will usually make it appear further away than a neutral colour will.3. Combinations of these two rules need some careful thinking through!It is logical therefore that painting a wall or ceiling a pale pink will make it appear closer than a neutral colour, but not anywhere near as close as painting it a hot pink; similarly painting a wall a pale blue will make it seem the maximum distance away - this is sky blue and how it works!So now you can pick your colour!So when thinking about what colour to paint a wall or ceiling, here are steps to follow: 1. Consider the aspect - do you need a warm or cool colour?2. Consider the distance effect of colours - how do you want to change the shape of the room?3. Then, having decided what colours make good sense for the room, from these colours pick what you feel most comfortable with - you can't go wrong!

What makes art such as essential aspect of the Renaissance?

Renaissance art was an essential aspect to this time period because it reflected the many changes and developments that were occurring. When Renaissance art traveled to other countries it took with it the ability to create new ideas and instill a desire for the development of culture, religion, and overall thinking.

Why did roman artists deviate from the Greeks' portrayals of mythological events?

There are many reasons why they did it. Mythologywise, in the war of Troy, there were gods who were besides the troyans (Aphrodite, Artemis, Mars...) and who were against them (Hera, Athene, Poseidon...). Since Aeneas was troyan, and his descendants were the Romans, Roman people considered the 'antagonist' gods bad, but they respected them too. In another aspect, there were some cultures what romans involved in their culture. Those mythologies had their gods too, and their characteristic influenced the Roman mythology.

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Which sentence correctly describes an aspect of oil painting?

Artists create rich, glowing colors with transparent glazes.

Which aspect describes an aspect of oil painting?

Artists create rich, glowing colors with transparent glazes.

How can you put aspect in a sentence?

You can put aspect in a sentence by focusing on a particular feature or characteristic of something, such as "The artistic aspect of the painting was captivating."

What correctly describes an aspect of the nervous system?

The brain and spinal cord make up the CNS.

What correctly describes some aspect of protein secretion from prokaryotic cells?

Pretins that are secreted by prokaryotes are synthesized on ribosomes that are bound to the cytoplasmic surface of the plasma membrane.

What is the best term that describes the inner aspect of the ankle?

Medial Malleolus is the best term that describes the inner aspect of the ankle

A statement that consistently and correctly describes some natural phenomenon is a scientific?

A statement that consistently and correctly describes a natural phenomenon based on evidence and experimentation is a scientific theory. It is a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world, supported by a vast body of evidence and is subject to testing and refinement through observation and experimentation.

What is a sentence using aspect as a noun?

We're naming our son "Aspect".

How do you use the word aspect in a sentence?

She considered every aspect of the problem before making a decision.

Which style of painting is an aspect of Recording nature through the effects of color and light?

Impressionism is an aspect of Recording nature through the effects of color and light.

How do you make a sentence with the word aspect?

The most puzzling aspect of the pyramids is their precise measurements and positioning.

How would you use conspire and aspect in a sentence?

The anarchists conspired to take out every aspect of government.