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it can cause mood change, it also causes serious health problems, such as heart damage,liver damage, and increased blood pressure

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Q: What serious health problems can steroids cause?
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How do you get anabolic steroids?

Non-medical use of anabolic steroids is illegal and is also harmful to your health. It can cause serious heart problems. It is not the purpose of WikiAnswers website to tell you how to break the law, nor how to harm your body.

Can hiccup cause a health problem?

intractable hiccups, which are hiccups that last months, can cause health problems and may be a sign of serious health problems.

What steroids make your penis bigger?

No steroids will increase penis size. Steroids can cause a decrease in penis size, along with many health related problems.

Can you smoke Strattera?

No that will destroy your lungs and can cause serious health problems

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Why is preterm delivery a health problem?

Premature birth is a major cause of serious health problems in neonates.

Should a brother and sister be bred?

No! Inbreeding can cause serious health and development problems.

Why are fast food places garbage?

Fast food can cause serious health problems like obesity and heart problems.

Is it safe to take two different penis enlargement pills?

no this can cause serious health problems

What kinds of problems can anabolic steroids cause?


What are the negative effects of malt liquor?

Liquor in general can cause liver failure, heart problems and other serious health problems.

Does weight training increase aggressiveness?

Weight training does not cause aggressiveness, however many weight lifters who are unsatisfied with the results end up turning to steroids. Steroids CAN cause aggressiveness, health problems and even sexual disfunction. However the men who use steroids will deny that.

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