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Premature birth is a major cause of serious health problems in neonates.

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Q: Why is preterm delivery a health problem?
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What is the percentage of pregnancies that end in preterm delivery?

Approximately 10% of pregnancies end in preterm delivery, defined as a delivery that occurs before week 37 of pregnancy (the average pregnancy lasts 40 weeks).

Does preterm labor run in maternal families?

Preterm labor can run in maternal families but it is no garuntee. The health of your mother and your own health can make a vast difference. If you are concerned about having preterm labor, know the signs and watch for them.

What is health care delivery?

The delivery of health care.

What is the use of betamethasone injection during pregnancy?

Betamethasone injection is given to mature the lungs in preterm delivery.

What is care delivery?

The delivery of health care.

What are the components of health care delivery system?

what are the components of Philippine health care delivery system?

Why has your doctor put you on steroids you are pregnant with twins?

ASk him/her. Steroids are used to mature the baby's lungs if there is a risk of preterm delivery, but twions are not usually that much at risk, and the latest research suggests that only one course should be given if there is actual preterm labor.

What is idiopathic preterm labor?

Preterm labor - cause unknown.

How does trichomoniasis affect your life?

Trichomoniasis may be an annoyance, but not a significant health problem for most people. It does not cause more serious disease or affect future fertility. Pregnant women with trichomoniasis may have a higher risk of preterm labor.

How do market forces influence health-care delivery?

The market forces influences health-care delivery through competition. This usually leads to quality health care delivery. It also gives the consumers a true value for their money.

What has the author Elliott McCleary written?

Elliott McCleary has written: 'Delivery of health care in rural America' -- subject(s): Congresses, Delivery of Health Care, Rural health, Rural health services

How is the current concern over health care delivery related to the growth of the health care profession in this century?

How is the current concern over health care delivery related to the growth of the health care profession in this century

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