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Horace Mann Insurance offers three major types of insurance for their customers. The three plans are car insurance, home insurance, and life insurance.


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Horace Mann is a private insurance company selling products for profit. Their products are not insured by any government authority.

Yes, they offer auto insurance, home and property insurance, life insurance, and retirement insurance plans.

Horace Mann was born on May 4, 1796.

Horace Mann died in Yellow Springs, ohio

Horace Mann has written: 'The world destroyer'

Horace Mann School was created in 1887.

Horace Mann is known as "The Father of the Common School"

Horace Mann died on August 2, 1859.

Horace Mann Jr. was born in 1844.

Horace Mann Jr. died in 1868.

he built schools and gave teachers insurance this is true

Horace Mann died on August 2, 1859 at the age of 63.

Yes, it was because he was an influential educator

Horace Mann Towner was born on 1855-10-23.

Horace Mann Towner died on 1937-11-23.

Horace Mann Bond died on 1972-12-21.

Horace Mann Bond was born on 1904-11-08.

Horace Mann was a Massachusetts lawyer and social reformer. That was his real name.

Horace Mann died on August 2, 1859 at the age of 63.

The symbol for Horace Mann Educators Corporation in the NYSE is: HMN.

Horace Mann School's motto is 'Magna est veritas et prævalet'.

Barnstable Horace Mann Charter School was created in 1998.

AnswerHorace Mann petitioned for public education and disability schools. He was also the founder of the Massachusets Board of Education. >.

Horace Mann was committed to reforms in the education sector because he wanted to see speedy modernization

I think he was a hippie

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