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Experian is a credit reporting and credit scoring company. You can get your credit score and report as well as monitoring, credit file disclosure, and identity theft protection.

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Q: What services can a person get from Experian?
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Do i need a username to sign up for experian login?

"Yes, you need to have a username and password to log in to your Experian client access account. If you have already purchased services from this company, you should have a login or be able to request a login to access the online services."

How do you get through the automated system to speak to a person at Experian?


Why does Experian have credit files?

Experian is a global information services group. That's why they have credit files of people: they collect public and credit data to produce credit reports and credit scores.

When was the experian credit bureau established?

The Experian Credit Bureau was established in 1980 as Information Services Company. It operates out of thirty-six countries and employs over fifteen hundred people.

How can a person contact Experian Consumer Direct?

Experian Consumer Direct's address is 18500 Von Karman Ave #400, Irvine , CA 92612, United States. There is also a contact page on the Experian website.

What is the top resource for identity theft?

One of the top resources for identity theft is Experian. Experian offers many services to it's clients which include insurance protection on phones and other products.

What is meant by the word expirian?

The word Expirian has no official meaning and the closest word available is Experian which is an information services company located in 44 countries. To find out more about Experian you can visit their official website.

Where can someone find information about Experian Credit reporting?

A person can expect to find information about the company of Experian Credit Reporting by going to the companies website and clicking on the about section.

How can someone access their Experian FICO score?

A person's Experian FICO score can be accessed from the Experian website. One must sign up for a membership in order to view their score. A person can get one free credit report yearly from the website Annual Credit Report using the dot com domain extension.

What is the population of Experian?

The population of Experian is 15,500.

Where can one obtain credit report monitoring services?

There are many places where one can obtain credit report monitoring services. One can obtain credit report monitoring services from popular source such as Equifax and Experian.

How can a person get so many business credit checks?

The best way for someone to get business credit checks are by going to the official experian website. They have an instant credit check and offer a range of services for different types of businesses.

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