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What set of laws governed America before the constitution was approvd in 1788?

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What set of laws governed America before the Constitution was approved in 1788?

The Articles of Confederation

What document governed the colonies before the Constitution?

Article of Confederation

What documents led up to the constitution?

The document that governed the United States before The Constitution was The Articles of Confederation.

What was the document that governed the united States before the creation of the constitution?

The Articles of Confederation

What is the name of the first document that governed the US?

The Articles of Confederation 1781 came before The Constitution 1791

How were your colonies governed before the constitution?

By state governments. The downfall to this type of government is that all of the colonies were weak because of it.

How was America governed before the constitution?

Before the Constitution, the Articles of Confederation established a weak confederacy up until 1789. The states retained sovereignty overall governmental functions and representative from each state had only one vote no matter the size of the state. It was also unable to levy taxes and had a weak executive branch.

Which law did the US of America followed before the Constitution?

articles of confederation

What governed the United States before the constitution?

Prior to the adoption of the U.S. Constitution, there were the Articles of Confederation, the new country's first written constitution. Ratified in March 1781, this document remained in use till 1789. Of course, prior to the US declaring its independence, the country was a British colony, governed by British law, and subject to the whims of the King of England.

What was the name of the 1st constitution in America history?

The articles of confederation were in place before the constitution was made if that's what you mean. They were replaced by the constitution because they were weak.

How were the colonies governed before federation?

The colonies were governed by state government.

What European country governed India and Pakastan before independence?

UK governed India and Pakistan before independance.

When did the government have no power to tax or regulate trade?

Right after the Revolutionary War, before we had the Constitution, America was governed underneath the Articles of Confederation. They were, however, weak. In addition to having no power to tax, they couldn't raise up an army and needed all 13 states' agreement for any amendment.

Was George Hanson the first US president?

Yes he was but it was before America became united under the constitution 

Before the revolution who governed the colonies?


What legal document defined the legitimacy of the US before the constitution?

The '''Articles''' of '''Confederation''' was the first constitution of the United States of America and specified how the national government was to operate.

In what year was the Irish government set up?

The Government of Ireland was created by the 1937 Constitution of Ireland. Before this the Executive Council of the Irish Free State governed the country from 1922 - 1937.

Who governed us states before 1776?


What country governed Kenya before independence?


How were the original 13 colonies governed before the joined toghther to form one nation?

They were governed by Great Britain, the Tyrant -_-

What exactly is the US Constitution?

The U.S. Constitution was a document that was used in early Colonial America, also known mainly as the thirteen colonies, to pass laws in America before the American Revolution. It is still used today by the supreme court to pass laws.

What type of government did Cuba have before the Cuban revolution?

Before the Cuban Revolution, Cuba was a constitutional republic, governed by the Constitution of 1940, widely regarded as a very progressive constitution for that time. Following the coup d'état by Fulgencio Batista in 1952, parts of the constitution were suspended. Prior to seizing power, Fidel Castro and his group of revolutionaries claimed, in the Manifiesto de la Sierra Maestra, that one of their goals was to reinstate the Constitution of 1940. Once in power, the revolutionaries reneged on their promise and abrogated the Constitution of 1940.

Name the Document before the Constitution?

The Articles of Confederation were established before the Constitution

Before independence Australia was governed by which country?

Great Britain

How were colonies governed before 1763?

they went on the other side

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