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No two women are exactly alike; try communicating with your partner about what she likes and dislikes.

Bet she likes u suckin on her clit! its the best, just do her a favour and don't stop flick it with your tongue for 5 mins or so then suck on it and don't stop till she screams..mmm!

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What sexual act do men like the most?

Completely depends on the individual, ,most men's favorite act to receive is fellatio, and to give is cunnilingus.

Is there any lesbian or bisexual women in wrestling?

Most! Although the act of wrestling is not physically sexual many of the participants admit to the turn on or thrill of controlling another woma.

What women has had the most sex partners?

the sexiest, women who act the sluttiest

Is making out considered a sexual act?

Making out is not a sexual act in itself. You are kissing and holding each other, at the most. It is right on the line, but as long as you don't touch anything you aren't supposed to, or pleasure each other, then it is not sexual.

What did the mann act do?

The Mann Act was enacted in 1910 to protect women and children. It prohibited bringing children across state lines to engage in sexual activities.

Were woman allowed to act in 1595?

No, women were not allowed to act in 1595. The roles of women in the theater were most often played by men.

Why do gay men dress and act like women?

Most gay men do not do this. Only some do this, and it's for a variety of reasons.

What is wiki after dark?

A website that act like wikipedia but have articles about sexual things

Can you tell if he is had sexual contact?

There is no good way to tell if a man or woman has had prior sexual contact. Either one can act like they are experienced, or like they are virgins.

How can girls impress guys?

Yourself is the best thing-like possible in this situation. Most men don't like women who act like something their not, it's quite annoying.

Can androgynous women act like tomboys?

Yes. Any type of woman can act like a tomboy. It doesn't mean anything.

Does oral count as losing your virginity?

While you participated in a sexual act, most would still consider you a virgin until you have actually had sexual intercourse.

What sexual deviancy most concerns a proper Englishman?

When during the act of lovemaking, his wife moves.

What is women protection act?

There is no women protection act.

Who benefited the most from the civil rights act of 1964?

Caucasian women

Is it an act of jihad if you kill a women?

No! It is an act of murder if not legally sanctioned. A bit like your use of English

What is act of lasciviousness and sexual harassment?

act of laciviousness

Why didn't women act in theater?

It wasn't considered "lady like".

Why do some women act like lesbians?

mabey thts wat there are

Who produced the song act like a women by Jennifer Hudson?


The sexual act of robocopping?

It is not a sexual act. It is a slang term used for getting high from cough medicine dextromethorphan

What is hetereosexual?

The Act of a male or female liking the opposite sex. Men like women Women like men Another word is Straight.

German guy like in a women?

German guys like to have women who have sexy bodys and pole dance naked on cameras.they also like people who act like strippers.

What are sexual scripts and schemas?

Sexual scripts are guidelines for how we are supposed to feel and act as sexual persons.

What are the purposes of sexual act?

Sex on the most basic of levels is to reproduce children. It is also done for fun.