What shape has 6 flat rectangular faces?

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a cuboid
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Shape has 6 rectangle faces?

A shape with 6 rectangle faces is a rectangular prism. It issimilar to a cube, but with different values for its length, width,and height.

What shape has 6 rectangular faces?

A cuboid (rectangular prism) is the only shape with 6 rectangularfaces (3 pairs of rectangles in fact). A cube is a special type ofcuboid where all the rectangles are squares. Both cubes and cuboidsare special types of hexahedron (polyhedrons with 6 faces). The only shape with 6 equal rectangular f ( Full Answer )

What shape that has 2 triangular faces and 3 rectangular faces?

\nA triangular prism.... like the Toblerone chocolate box.... a triangle at each end. Label the angles A, B and C at one end and A1, B1 and C1 at the other end. Now, there are three rectangles \n. \n- A, A1, B, B1\n. \n- A, A1, C, C1\n. \n- B, B1, C, C1

6 face shape?

A hexagon does not have faces it does't even have 1,your talking about sides and vertices. The real answer is a rectangular prism. * * * * * Or a pentagonal pyramid Or a triangular dipyramid.

How many shapes of faces of a rectangular prism have?

2 shapes, a triangle, and a rectangle. since it is a prism, it is like a pyramid, 4 of the faces are triangles, but the base is a rectangle, hence the name rectangular prism therefore, 2 shapes

What shape has 6 triangular faces?

It is a hexagonal pyramid.This answer is true you can look up a hexagonal pyramid * * * * * The answer is NOT true. It is a hexahedron or a triangular dipyramid.

What shape has one curved face and two flat faces?

A cylinder, a doughnut with a slice cut out by radial planes, a sphere with two slices removed (possibly in a wedge shape), a cone with its top and bottom cut off by horizontal planes, a paraboloid with top and bottom cut off by horizontal planes.

Is the face of a shape flat?

It all depends. If it is 2-D, then yes. But, if it is 3-D, then no, because a sphere is round, not flat.

What 3D shape has all the faces the same shape and flat?

a cube * * * * * A cube is only one example. Any one of the five Platonic solids - tetrahedron, cube or hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron or icosahedron - are made up from congruent plane faces.

What shape has 6 rectanglges faces?

Could it be a hexahedron. A cube has 6 sides and they are squares. A rectangular prism has 6 faces that are rectangles.

What 3d shapes have 6 faces?

A triangular bipryramid (two triangular pyramids stuck together on one face), a parallelepiped (like a squished cuboid), a pentagonal pyramid. A cube or rectangular prism are special cases of a parallelepiped.

What shape has 1 flat face?

none unless u consider a circle has a face * * * * * In fact, any two dimensional closed figure: triangle, quadrilateral, other polygons, circle, ellipse, wriggly loop all have 1 flat face.

What shape has 1 rectangular face and 2 circle faces?

There cannot be such a shape. It is not a cylinder because a cylinder sdoes not have a rectangular face. A rectangle must be a flat face and the only flat faces in a cylinder are the circle faces. The curved face can be "opened out" into a rectangular shape but because the face is curved it cannot b ( Full Answer )

Which shape has two flat faces?

The following are some examples of a shape with two flat face and one curved surface: A sphere intersected by two planes. An ellipsoid intersected by two plane faces. A paraboloid intersected by two plane faces. A cone intersected by two plane faces. A cylinder. A hyperboloid intersected by two pl ( Full Answer )

Does all rectangular prism have 6 faces?

no and yes they don't and they do it switches a lot. It does not because it does. think of it as a starbucks cookie if you cut it into to a rectangular prism it has 6 faces but on the other hand it does not.

What shape has flat faces?

There are many. All polyhedra have ONLY flat faces but many other shapes have flat faces such as a hemisphere or an octant or a cylinder.

Which shape has curved and flat faces?

There are infinitely many. For example, any sphere, ellipsoid, cone, toroid, cordoid etc that is intersected by one or more planes.

What shape has 6 rectangular faces and 2 hexagonal faces?

A hexagonal prism has 6 rectangular faces and 2 hexagonal faces. Since it has 8 faces in total, it is a type of irregular octahedron, however it is correctly classified as a prismatic uniform polyhedron to avoid ambiguity with the regular octahedron with triangular faces. The hexagonal prism forms ( Full Answer )

6 rectangular faces?

A cuboid is a 3D shape that can be a cube or a rectangle, bothhaving 2 ends, 2 sides, and a top and a bottom face.