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What shape has 6 lines and 4 right angles?


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Hexagon...Don't get caught up in the number of right angles. What matters is the number of sides...It has 6 sides.

A regular hexagon has equal sides and equal angles(120)

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A parallelogram does not have to be four right angles. A parallelogram is a four sided shape with two parallel lines.

4 perpendicular lines (Assume that it is perpendicular)----> # 2 lines intersected made 4 right angles. 4 lines make 16 right angles. 4*4=16

None normally unless its in the shape of a rectangle which has 4 perpendicular lines creating 4 right angles

I don't think any shape will fit this description. Do you mean 4 right angles?

A square "corner" is 90 degrees, (assuming you meant 90 degrees, not 90 angles), and has parallel lines, thus, it must be a parallelogram! A parallelogram that has right angles, is a rectangle. Technically, all that is needed to know is 4 right angles, since all right angles implicate parallel lines and 90 degree angles.

a rectangle, sometime but not always is a square

If it is in the shape of a rectangle then it has 4 right angles

A trapezium has 4 right angles...Correction: it has 4 angles but they are not right angles. A structure/shape with 4 right angles is a rectangle or square.

A RECTANGLE has 4 sides and 4 right angles.

Extend all the lines of a right-angled triangle with sides of 3, 4 and 5 units. The extension of the lines forming the right angle will produce 3 other right angles. The extension of the lines forming the other two angles will produce 6 other angles. This gives a total of 12 angles, 4 of which are acute, 4 right and 4 obtuse.

A shape with 4 right angles would be a square or rectangle. A trapezoid does not have any right angles..

with 2 right angles?....I'm not sure that this type of shape is possible...

It is a rectangle having 4 interior right angles

A shape with 4 right angles and 4 equal sides is a square. ==========================

A square or a rectangle both have 4 sides and 4 interior right angles

Any shape with 4 right angels is a quadrilateral.

A square has 4 equal sides with 4 right angles.

No shape does. If it has 4 sides and one pair of parallel lines it cannot have only 1 right angle, it must either have: 1) 2 right angles, 1 acute acute and 1 obtuse angle; or 2) no right angles, 2 acute angles and 2 obtuse angles; in which case it would be a trapezium (trapezoid).

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