What shape is haumea?

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Haumea is ellipsoid in shape. In this way it is not unlike a Rugby ball or an American football.

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Q: What shape is haumea?
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Why is Haumea a dwarf planet?

Haumea is a dwarf planet due to being an oval shape.

What shape are the dwarf planets?

Most are round, but Haumea is an oval ellipsoid. One of the qualifications for an object to be designated a 'dwarf planet' is that it has 'hydrostatic equilibrium', i.e. not a loose agglomeration constantly changing shape. Haumea has one longer axis, making it 'melon-shaped' but apparently stable. Haumea's shape is thought to be caused by its rapid rotation around its long axis, a single complete rotation requiring just 4 hours.

What is the other name for Haumea?

Haumea is sometimes known by its minor-planet designation, 136108 Haumea.

How many times bigger is Pluto than Haumea?

In terms of mass, it is about one-third that of Pluto. Its radius is only about 20 km less than that of Pluto, making them very similar in size, though Haumea is very different in shape. Pluto is much more spherical, while Haumea is more oblong.

Is haumea the eleventh planet?

No. Haumea is not classified as a planet. It is a dwarf planet.

What is the rotational period of Haumea?

Haumea's rotational period is 3.9155 hours.

What are the moons of Haumea?

Hi`iaka and Namaka, two of the daughters of Haumea

What is the mass of Haumea?

Haumea has a mass of approximately 4.006 x 1021Kg

Is haumea a rocky terrestrial?

Yes, Haumea is a rocky, terrestrial planet.

What is the length of a day on Haumea?

A day on Haumea is very short compared to here on Earth. Haumea's rotational period is just 3.9155 hours.

Is there wind on haumea?

As far as we know, Haumea does not have an atmosphere, so there would be no wind.

What are the names of Haumea's moons?

The names of Haumea's two moons are Hi'iaka and Namaka.

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