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The groin vault

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What is another word for 'building'?

erecting ;) also: structure or constructing based upon the definition of building.

What gives vertebrates shape?

Vertebrates maintain a specific body shape based upon their skeletons.

Scientists are able to deduce the Earth's shape based upon its what?


How heavy is a 40-storey building?

The weight of the buliding depends upon the kind of materials and also the shape and area of the building. It is imprecise.

Analyze the emarld based upon color luster crystal shape and hardness?


Was the movie quarantine based on a true story?

No and yes. The movie was based upon events following a rabies outbreak in an apartment building in Spain.

Can you show me a project based upon mechanical engineering?

Every air conditioned building is a mechanical engineering project.

Is it based on or based upon?

Based upon is written more often.

How can you predict whether a circle will produce shape or a star?

Prediction does not depend upon assumptions, it is based on apparitions in divine form, a circle is always a moon, not a star , not a shape.

What are jack londonsnovels based upon?

a star fish is based upon it

The shape of a liquid depends upon its?

The shape of a liquid depends upon its container. Solids maintain the same shape at all times, Gases also take on the shape of their container.

Are french words based upon greek words?

No, they are based upon latin words.

What are conclusions based upon?

Conclusions are based upon prior research and evidence gathered. In a written work, a conclusion will be preceded or followed by the research upon which that conclusion is based.

Can force change shape?

Force can change the shape of objects it acts upon. Force itself does not have shape.

What shape will you see if i look down upon upon the top of the pyramid?

A square

How far apart are footings?

Footings will differ based upon the type of project. Most footings, if building a deck for example, should be about six feet apart.

How can you distinguish between hook worms or pinworms?

Hookworms and pinworms are both identified commonly based upon length, shape, color and the type of eggs produced.

Whose teaching is Buddhism based upon?

Buddhism is based upon the teaching of The Buddha, who is Siddhartha Gautama.

Upon what is the number of members of the house of representatives based?

Upon what is the number of members of the house of representatives based?

What is another way to say based upon?

Based on

How much does a multistory building weigh?

The weight of a multistory building is based upon factors such as height and its construction materials. The World Trade Center towers weighed some 1.5million tons total to give an idea of weight and height.

Upon what is climate based?

== ==

Is the metric system based upon multiple of 100?

Yes and no. The metric system is based upon multiples of 10. Since 100 is a multiple of 10, parts of the metric system is based upon 100.

Instead of being a government based on the rule of the king it was based upon the rule of the?

instead of being a government based on the rule of the king it was based upon the rule of the majorityMajority

Why does architecture of different places differ from each other?

architecture of ancient time depends upon the kingdom of that place. for example during the mughal period the architecture of the buildings differ from the other like a semicircle shape on the top.similarliy pallavas costructed gopurams for every honoured building. delhi sultans built the buildings with christmas tree shape like ceiling for the buildings. this feature is common for most of the hindu kingdoms in modern times the architecture varies based on the expenditure, land, necessity,type of building required and their desire.

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