What should I do for my 5 months old baby's constipation?

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If you baby is ill you should take it to see a qualified medical practitioner (a Doctor) as soon as possible for a diagnosis and treatment. Do NOT seek advice on the internet, TAKE him/her to a Doctor.
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Is it normal for a four-month-old baby's first tooth to be the first molar?

All babys are different and they all get different teeth at different times. Although I have never heard of a baby getting a molar for there first tooth I wouldn't worry about it. Sometimes random teeth come out of the gums and later go back in. Is your 4 month olds tooth all the way out or is it ju ( Full Answer )

What can happen to your baby's daddy if he is 25 and you are 17 and you have a 2 month old baby?

That depends on where you live. Even in the US, the laws vary by state. If she was below the age of sexual consent at the time of *conception*, then it was illegal and the DA can file charges, with or without the consent or cooperation of the minor or the minor's parents. In that case, it will very ( Full Answer )

Is 48 too high for a four month old baby's respiratory rate?

It depends a little on if the baby is active or not. Various sources, including Wikipedia, cite 25-50 breaths a minute. Your doctor should be consulted if you are concerned, and especially if the rate is at that level when the baby is not especially active, or if there are other symptoms.

What should a 5 month old female Bouvier des Flandres weigh?

We have a 10 1/2 year old female and a 9 month old male. They are both between 90-100 lbs. I would estimate a 5 month old female should be between 30-40 lbs. My 4 month old male weighs 32 lbs. He was smaller out of the male puppies, and his father isn't a big dog.

A 7 month old baby's heart rate dropped to 35 what could be the problem?

A seven month old baby whose heart rate drops to 35 beats perminute could have a problem in the conduction system of the heart.If the heart rate came back up by itself it may not be a problem.In a hospital setting if the heart rate of an infant drops below 60beats per minute and does not come up oxy ( Full Answer )

How long should a 5 month old be?

The average length of a five month old baby is 24-25 inches. Thereis some variation depending on genetics and body type.

How big is an averages 3 month old baby's stomach?

most 3 month olds have slight enlarged stomaches abit of bloating but nothing to worry about. i was breast feeding my baby and at 3 months her stomach looked really enlarged like she swallowed a balloon, also she hadnt opened her bowels for 5 days, i asked health visitor as i was concerned and she t ( Full Answer )

5 month old has worms?

\nHopefully, this is a question about an animal and I will assume a dog. Depending on type of worm (tape, hook, round, heart, etc) you can usually go to your local pet store and buy a dewormer for the appropriate type of worm.\n. \nTapeworms come out as flat pieces of rice in the poo. \n. \nSome o ( Full Answer )

What should a 5 month old male Bouvier des Flandres weigh?

I have a 5 month old male bouvier puppy. I weighed him yesterday, he weighs 45lbs. When I got him at 12 weeks he weighed 22lbs, but was smaller than his sister. My last bouvier, was quite small when I got him, only 15lbs at 12 weeks. He was a very slow maturer and ended up being 90lbs fully grown, b ( Full Answer )

How much milk should a 5 month old baby need?

Hi, Some researchers believe that at 5 months a baby should have minimal of 20oz of milk, other researchers believe that babies should drink the equivalent of their weight multiplies by 2 or 2.5 oz (ie) if your baby weighs 20 pounds, he/she should intake 40 oz... . My son is also 5 months and us ( Full Answer )

How often should 5 month old baby eat cereal?

You should feed a 5 month old baby cereal about every 4-6 hours, if your doctor feels the baby is ready for cereal. Some babies don't start on solids until after 6 mos old, others may just be ready to start learning about solids so these babies may only eat cereal once a day. Other babies are rea ( Full Answer )

What should i do for your dogs before they are 5 months old?

Well you should first of all take it straight to the vet when you ge it even if you got it from a breeder and the breeder said they just did. its always good for a second look with you so you know for sure everything is done proper. than take it from there depending on the breed get a roomy cage put ( Full Answer )

How much should a 5 month old rottweiler weigh?

Rottweiler Male between 25-31kgs Female between 19 and 24kgs. Don't worry if slightly under, packing on the pounds can cause problems later on. Your dog with a good healthy diet, will reach it's optimum weight.

How To Get A 5-Month Old To Sleep?

Simple.. Play With Her/Him Until Sleepy. Then Put In Playpen Or Crib. Done P.s. For More Information Please Write On Smle45 Wall.

What should you do for constipation?

Constipation is one of the most common digestive problems that people face in todays world. It is irregular and infrequent or difficult evacuation of the bowels. There are certain natural remedies that could be adopted for relief from constipation: a) Guava is a very effective remedy for const ( Full Answer )

Can you use vi-sine in a 6 month old baby's eyes?

I DEFINITELY warn against it. Visine is not recommended for young children at all, let alone infants. I don't know what you're using it for, but if the baby is having problems w/its eyes it needs to see a pediatrician. From there the pediatrician may recommend an optometrist or ophthamologist if the ( Full Answer )

Why would a 9 month old baby's heart race?

Well, he could be tired out from playing, have had a sudden scare, or be having a medical problem. These possibilites and more are likely when a babys heart race, though a trip to the hospital shouldn't be nessacary unless more symptoms grow.

How much should a 5 month old kitten weigh?

There is no standard weight for a 5 month old kitten to weigh. Itvaries according to the specie, however, the normal range for ahealthy 5 month old kitten is 3 to 5 Kilograms.

What should a 16 year old do at 5 months pregnant?

You could review your current available options and see if you could get a job.If you think you would not be able to support the baby you could send it for adoption. The current laws in the UK on Abortion. 'Abortion is legal in the UK up to the 24th week of pregnancy. However, if there is a sub ( Full Answer )

What is a two month old baby's daily routine?

its simple really! wake up rock baby, feed, burp, bath play, teach how to read, eat again, play, bath, bed! i woud reccomend this schedule for teenagers who r pregnant and r bringing up their child alone! for ezample a 17 yr old!

Should I change my three month old baby's name from Victoria to Sofia?

Once your baby was born and you chose the name it would be on her birth certificate and it would cost you money to change her name. If you can afford it and you do not like Victoria for a name the baby will not know the difference and you can choose a Christian name of your choice.

What should you do for a 2 month baby that's been constipated for 4 days?

It's advisable you ask to a pharmacist about. May be he indicates glycerin suppository for infants. Take note if the baby show another symptoms, like an alergic condition, in this case is better to consult a pediatrician. Tell both pharmacist or doctor if you are giving any kind of medicine to him.

What kind of food should be given to a 5 month old Labrador?

The proper food for a Labrador of 5 months should be the following. Breakfast: Hard dog food mixed with canned pumpkin. Lunch: Hard dog food, same as breakfast but without pumpkin. Snack: Cut-up apples with skins peeled off. Dinner: Same dog food as lunck mixed with cooked meat (beef or chicken). (T ( Full Answer )

Should you pull back your 5 months old baby foreskin?

No definitely not that is entirely unnecessary and can in fact be injurious. When a boy is born the prepuce (foreskin) is still connected via a membrane to the glans of the penis. This connection may still exist even into puberty and you should leave it alone. If you have any concerns have talk with ( Full Answer )

How do you help ease a two month old baby constipation?

This depends on what they baby is being fed with. If the baby is breast fed, it is normal that i doesn't' have stool for up to 10 days. If the baby is given formula, than it could mean that the current formula doesn't matches your baby's needs. It needs to be changed with a different one.

What kinda food should you feed a 5 month old kitten?

Cats, no matter what age, are strict carnivores. They get all their nutritional needs from meat. Kittens in particular, need a lot of Protein and Fat in order to grow and develop in a healthy manner. Kittens should be fed small meals at regular times, and should be allowed to eat as much as they wis ( Full Answer )