What should Tibet do to get autonomy?

Please make sure what is the autonomy for a province-level administrative units. Manage the local affairs under policies of the central government and give its people a peaseful life, that is its autonomy! Then, try to find out some facts which indicates Tibet is lack of autonomy. But, what I know is that Tibet have already possessed a large degree of autonomy. Tibet is known as the Tibetan Autonomous Region. There are officials from the Tibetan ethnic minority group, rapid economic growth supported by the central government, relatively high government transfer payments, equal chance to receive social welfare service and loose policy in every aspect. Actually, Tibetan people's living standard is well improved now compared to the past. So the authenticity and intention of some rumors is doubtful. People always want more freedom, but please bear in mind that absolute freedom doesn't exist in reality. Pursue self-freedom regardless of law and others' feeling, that should be considered as selfish and egoism. I think what Tibetan people should do is to calm down and use their right well to make life better. Do not involve common people into political conflicts, they are innocent!