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What should Tibet do to get autonomy?

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Please make sure what is the autonomy for a province-level administrative units. Manage the local affairs under policies of the central government and give its people a peaseful life, that is its autonomy! Then, try to find out some facts which indicates Tibet is lack of autonomy. But, what I know is that Tibet have already possessed a large degree of autonomy. Tibet is known as the Tibetan Autonomous Region. There are officials from the Tibetan ethnic minority group, rapid economic growth supported by the central government, relatively high government transfer payments, equal chance to receive social welfare service and loose policy in every aspect. Actually, Tibetan people's living standard is well improved now compared to the past. So the authenticity and intention of some rumors is doubtful. People always want more freedom, but please bear in mind that absolute freedom doesn't exist in reality. Pursue self-freedom regardless of law and others' feeling, that should be considered as selfish and egoism. I think what Tibetan people should do is to calm down and use their right well to make life better. Do not involve common people into political conflicts, they are innocent!

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What does the Dalai Lama propose to do in order to resolve the situation regarding Tibet?

He doesn't speak of making a completely separate country. He wants Tibet to have some autonomy from central Chinese control so as to protect their customs and lifestyles.

Why does China claim it should control Tibet?

that Tibet was legally a part of China

How do the people of Tibet suffer under China's rule?

They suffer a lot. No autonomy, no freedom of speech and religion for those Tibetians living in Tibet, China. Those are in exile in India (incld. Dalai Lama), they have no land of their own. Just are refugees.

What countries border Tibet?

Tibet Borders with China in the East, India through West to South, Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar in South and Turkestan in north-west. Tibet is a landlocked country which was autonomous until 1950 when People's republic of China forcibly occupied Tibet and more than 1 million Tibetans died resisting against the heavy Chinese force. Tibet remains an occupied state under the People Republic of China yet the Exiled Tibetan government is situated outside of Tibet in India demanding for autonomy for Tibetans under the constitution of PRC.

What exactly was done in the genocide in Tibet?

CHina invaded Tibet and started to relize Tibet should be part of china so they thought to erase Tibet's history and rewrite it there way (in hinesight it was sort of dum) <:|

What transportation should you use to go from Beijing to Tibet?


What part of speech is autonomy?

Autonomy is a noun.

How do you use autonomy in a sentence?

Autonomy; personal independence How long will it be until Iraq has its own autonomy? The rebels have been agitating for autonomy for years now.

Should teachers be given enough autonomy to take decision in various functional areas of the school.justify your answers with examples?

Within certain limits. The problem is who decides what is 'enough autonomy'.

Can you give me a sentence with the word autonomy?

Parents raise children until they can act with autonomy.Many teens want few rules but do not know the responsibilities of autonomy.Autonomy is a desired trait in adults.

How is tibet unique?

The answer should be divided into two parts. Firstly, the culture. Buddhism is unbelievable popular in Tibet, people do ascetic practices to express their believes of Buddhism. Also, there are many amazing customs different from other places. Secondly. Geography, Tibet is specially high and beautiful, the Himalayas and Mount Everest are the symbols of Tibet, they are unique, so is Tibet.

What is the antonym for the word autonomy?

Heteronomous is the antonym for autonomy.

How do you use the word autonomy in a sentence?

America gained their autonomy after they won the war against England.Autonomy means independence, the state of governing yourself. Here are some sentences.He gained autonomy from his overbearing parents when he moved to London.The tribe battled for autonomy from their conquerors.Autonomy of thought can be a great thing.

Confucianism encouraged the idea of individual autonomy?

individual autonomy

What do you mean by fiscal autonomy for Philippines?

what is fiscal autonomy in the philippines

What is the population of Autonomy Corporation?

The population of Autonomy Corporation is 1,900.

When was Autonomy Corporation created?

Autonomy Corporation was created in 1996.

Can you ride a bike to Tibet from Chengdu what things should be taken or what should you prepare for the trip?

When you ride a bike from Chengdu to Tibet you need a spare tube, tire levers, a tool box , cell phone and a pump.

What is Tibet autonomous religion?

Tibet Autonomous REGION is the official name of Tibet.

Is Tibet in Nepal?

No, Tibet is a separate country. But Nepal is right next to Tibet.

Were is the plaue of Tibet?

tibet i tbet

Is Tibet in china or is Tibet china?

According to China, Tibet is a part of China. According to Tibet, many of them would like to be an independent country.

Tibet highest country in the world?


Natural disasters in Tibet?

Tibet may receive earthquakes Tibet may receive earthquakes

Where can you download maps of Tibet?

To plan a special Tibet tour, it is better for you to prepare the newest and most useful maps of Tibet, such as Tibet location map, Tibet world map, Lhasa map, Mount Kailash map, Lake Mansarovar map, Tibet Nepal map, Tibet train map, Mount Everest map, and other big Tibet travel map. I highly recommend this page: .

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