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Q: What should a 15 year old flat chested girl wear to look smart?
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Would guys like a flat chested girl with confidence?

There are many guys that would like a flat chested girl that is confident.

How does a flat chested girl get a good boyfriend?

Flat chested girls are the most beautiful, at least I think so and I love girls more than anyone. Don't worry, a slender chest and body is perfect for many guys.

You are an 12 year old girl your friends make fun of you because am flat chested What should you do?

IF its your friends that are making fun of you then there really not your friends but if somebody else then ignore them

Would Justin Bieber go out with a flat chested girl?

well he dose not really care she just has to be very cute so if the girl is cute

Does g hannelius have breasts?

Every girl has boobs. She is really flat chested but she's 13 so she probably has some.

What does a 12 year old girls breast look like?

Well, I haven't started puberty yet. I'm 12 years old and I'm still flat chested. Oh wait… you're a girl. Sorry, I'm a boy. But a boy's chest should be flat chested or have puffy nipples. But my twin sister Is 12 and she is developing breasts. Hope that helps.

Is it normal for a 13 year old girl to be flat chested?

It's very normal for a thirteen-year-old girl to be flat-chested, I should know 'cause I am flat-chested - but I'm twelve. Basically you need to drink plenty of water and ask your mum how old she was when she started her period and when she started to grow breasts, because you will start around about the same age as your mum. I'm fourteen and I have very small boobs - I'm a 28AA or something, I just wear padded-out bras, LOL. It's nothing to worry about. Try drinking lots of water, and exercising your upper body.

What should you do if a girl calls you flat?

Like flat chested? If a girl is taking the time out of her day to insult you, you know she's jealous of you in some way, shape, or form. She's just insecure and is making herself feel better. I really suggest you don't stoop to her level. Just smile and let her know you're confident with yourself, and if she doesn't like it it's her problem:)

What is the normal breast cup size for a 13-year-old?

Well i am 13 and I'm a 32A/B but i know a few people who are flat chested and the the girl with the biggest boobs in our year is a 36C.. Hope this Helps!! :) xx

Should you date a girl that is hot and kinda smart but noybody likes her?

Yes. If you like this girl, date her

How old does justin bieber want a girl?

Smart,intelligent,caring. But its depend on is not important that girl should love him, he should love her.

Is it ok for an 11yr old girl who's flat chested to wear a bra just to fit in?

Yes, it's fine for a girl to wear whatever she wants and wearing a bra will cause no harm. Although there is no need to wear a bra to fit in, or even to fit in, sometimes it's okay not to fit in.