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I am 23 and a college freshmen, about to be a sophmore, and I am a single mother. I became one in my ninth month of pregnancy when the "father" was abusive. The best thing for you to do is STAY IN SCHOOL!!! You are going to need the education for the future. It is hard having a 17 month old baby, and being a full time college student. I take 2 online classes, then I beg my mother to watch him for 2 classes that I take at the campus. I have to wait until my son takes his nap to study then I study when I put him to sleep at night. This does leave little time for anything else, but I know it is what I need to do. I know that being a single mother is very very tough, and I wont have another income pooring in. So I have to be both parents, and both incomes. Try and get as much support as you can to help with babysitting, and stay in school!

Bravo to the poster who submitted a response! At last, someone on this board who seems to realize what being a parent is all about. You're making mature, responsible, adult decisions and realizing that your child is *your* responsibility and not your parents and not the governments. Thank you!

To both women, I urge you to force these men to pay child support. Take them to court, get DNA test, and get some financial help from them. They helped to create these children and they should have to help support them.

Explore your options. At two months you are lucky enough to still have all three choices: continuing with the pregnancy with plans to keep the product, continuing and placing the baby up for adoption or abortion.

Do not resort to abortion if at all possible!!! It's never that bad! I am a 19 year old college student and I would like for my fiance and I to have a baby soon. We are at the perfect college for raising families and I think you should check it out! It's Berea College in Berea, Kentucky. Every student that goes there receives financial aid no matter what. Your term bill is based on what you can afford to pay. I pay $0 a year because I'm so poor. Berea also provides family housing on campus, daycare and off campus housing with financial assistance through the school. I really think you should look into this. You can still have an awesome life with your baby and still make it through college. Good luck to you and your baby!

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Q: What should a 17-year-old college freshman do if she is two months pregnant and the father has abandoned her?
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