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All you can really do is let him know that you are willing to be there for him should he decide to come back to you. But chances are, if he still loves you and wants you back, he'll find a way to get back to you.

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He thinks that you may think that he has a drinking problem.

My boyfriend in handsome and he thinks I'm beautiful

He's your boyfriend -- it doesn't matter what "everyone" else thinks. But if you have suspicions, the two of you should have a good talk. You owe each other that much.

Give her a french kiss. That way she'll think you fancie HER and won't worry about the boyfriend. ;-)

well, i think you should just ignore it and if he does it a lot, THINK about breaking up with him.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with your friend thinking your boyfriend is cute. In fact, it is a compliment. Tell her "Thank you. I think he is cute, too." Now, here is what you should not do: You should NOT overreact and read something more into her saying your boyfriend is cute than simply she thinks he's cute. DO NOT assume she wants your boyfriend and go off on her. You will most likely look very foolish if you do. She just said she thinks he's cute. That's it. It is no big deal.

Then that should be enough. If he still has a problem even after you told him that then don't bother. You can go on without his approval anyway, especially if he's your ex.

first of all, why does he think you are annoying? i would find out what it is and then try to work on improving it.

if she is happy with her boyfriend then leave her be but if you think that it will benifit her lifestyle or her happieness then tell her

they are friends and he should just calm down i bet you he has friends that are girls that you dont know about

Try to break the news to him calmly when hes in a very good mood.

it means that your a child. and it can mean that he thinks you should go to a park so kids can play on you

It usly means that that girl is into you and thinks that the guy she is with is a Jerk. It usly means that that girl is into you and thinks that the guy she is with is a Jerk. I usly means that she is into you and that she thinks her boyfriend is a jerk

look him in the eyes and tell him the truth, if he doesn't believe you that's his problem, and just shows he doesn't trust you

the first problem they face is jack. jack is always trying to be in charge and trying to compete with ralph. he thinks he should be in charge because he knows what to do and thinks he has what it takes.

nothing. I'm pretty sure there are many girls your boyfriend sees randomly on the street that he finds attractive. It's human nature. The problem lies only if he acts on the attraction.

Well, his friends probably think your uncool and if he's your boyfriend, you should talk with him. It doesn't matter what they think, it matters what he thinks.

If you honestly didn't cheat and didn't flirt with anyone and give him that impression then he should trust you and if he can not then he has the problem. Try talking to him and ask where he got his information from and that it is unfair to be accused of something you did not do. If he refuses to listen to you then it is best for you to move on.

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